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COSMIC X : THE BEGINNING Vol 1 #issue3 { W.R.I.T.E.R.S. story }

Danny : { shouting } what's that.....what is happening
Thundo : I really don't know and I am scared also

{ they both saw that the laser beam is being fired by a huge war ship flying in the sky }

Thundo : { shouting } HOLY S**T !?!! what is this !?!!
Danny : I really want to get out of this.....

{ suddenly a high voice comes from the ship }

Thundo : { shouting } Nooooooo...... I must be dreaming........this planet cannot be koraxicon
Danny : whyy !! what happened ?!!

{ suddenly the ship started firing lasers to thrm }

Thundo : { shouting } RUN ..DAN !?!!
Danny : { shouting }what is happening !?!!

{ they both started to run }

{ AAHHHH said danny }

{ danny is being shot by a laser and he fell down }

{ thundo turns back }

Thundo : { shouting } DAANNYYY !?!??!!!!
Danny : Don't wait for me......RUNNN
Thundo : Nooo..i can't go without you

{ thundo comes near danny and sat down }

Danny : { shouting } GOOOOOOO.........JUST GOOOOO !?!!
Red extriminator's voice : GAME OVER

{ suddenly they are surrounded by a group of alien soldiers }

Red extriminator's voice : Bring them in my ship
Danny : { shouting } Gooo..thundo
Thundo : { said in a sad voice } I can't go without you

{ all the soldiers caught danny and thundo and then a light beam falls on them and they are teleported to the ship }

*{ somewhere else in the earth....... in a dark filled huge hall }*

{ a man comes out of the darkness }

Man : blazeagle.....
blazeagle : order master...
Man : I can see a huge wave of aggression is coming .......gather all the children.......
Man : ok master....

{ blazeagle goes from that place }

Man : oh high lord give me enough strength to control the next king of universe
Man : Oh he is coming soon... very soon.....

Man : I even don't know how will I handle the situation ...........


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Place of the day!
Iron Lotus
Iron Lotus Marvel Database
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Deadpool vs The Punisher.

But Deadpool before he got his powers and was just a mercenary.
Both get to use one pistol (one mag) and one knife.
Take the Movie/Netflix versions.
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Strongest metal

Vibranium or adamaltium
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Dawah : Planet Xazariqi! (WRITERS Story)

*Note : The Words of Xaziran language is purely not any official language till now. The name of the planet is completely made by me and it's spelled "Zo-Za_Ri_qi". Previous issue : *At Wayhalt Airport Daniel : At last! We're home! King Hiff(Humanoid alien) : So, what now? Mehmet : Come with us, well see what we can do. Hiff: So, tell me about this place. Mehmet : Okay...this is our city, our heart and love. We love this place, there's so many things to see. So many things to learn. Hiff : Oh...Daja(Queen) Daja! Come to me! Daja: What happened? Hiff : Do latahikonňé İhaleev Ţuleba! *Meaning : I think it's time, I have to go. Take care of yourself & be a greatful queen. Daja : Vetţaké honlejyo. (As your wish,Rest in peace my love) Zain : Can you please say what happened? Daja : Hiff is with Rohamén now(God). Jessica: R.I.P Mehmet : Huh? What am I doing...I should cry! Should I? Na la la... Barbara : Are you mad? Reaper! Leave your spell. A Person died and you're making fun of it?! Reaper : Okay okay... *Reaper Touches mehmet. Mehmet : Oh...I was Dying! Who did it? I'm going to kill you reaper!!! *Meanwhile At the Devil's Cave Soldiers : Our king is dead! We should go Xazariqi to see Prince Zuv! Start the spaceship. *5 secs later, Xazian spaceship arrives at Wayhalt Airport. Daja : I've to go now. My men are here. Mehmet : We're going with you. Yusuf : Yes. I'm with Mehmet. Daja : As your wish, But there'll be too much Co_2, you guys can even die! Jessica : That doesn't matter. We're coming. *Everyone gets inside the Spaceship. 19 mins later. Daja : Here's my planet. I have to go see my son. You all come to the museum. Mehmet : Your majesty, you can go now. Zain : Why should we go to a museum now? Alexandra : Don't talk now just do as she said. *Dawah arrives at the Museum. Yusuf : Hey, see this. It says- "Long before, when king Hiff 1st (Hiff 2nd's grandfather) were at Earth, the people of earth said they'll let him live. But they betrayed him some friends came to Xazariqi. They were "Abel,Saleh,Jacob and Finn". They died at Xazariqi and their decendants are still living here." Zain : According to my parents, Valo was one of my ancestors. Abel,Saleh & Jacob were his brothers. But I don't know who's Finn. My ancestors, they lived at Dubai. So King Hiff 1 came to UAE! Jessica : Obiviosly at Egypt. We should ask your parents next time. Now let's go to the palace. They're calling. *At the Xazian Palace. Mehmet : Reminds me of Taj Mahal! Zain : You India you lose... Jessica : Shut up Sucker. You don't know what India really is. David : That's the best thing you've ever called him. Mehmet : Yes Zain. India is Great. Queen Daja : It's a pleasure to have you all here. Zain : I want to see my cousins. Abel's Decendants. Queen Daja : Oh that's a fake documentary. Earth's people never came here before. Zain : 😑What... Daja : But yes king Hiff 1 met them at Earth, and they were friends. Oh by the way, meet my son Zuval & my daughter Zedella! Zuval : Hi everyone! David : It's a pleasure to meet you Prince! Zedella : Jakké ottalamo fin dogä? (Mom can we be friends?) Daja : Yes of course! Why not? Go and talk! Mehmet : Oh I think you're saying are we friends. let's talk for a while... *At restroom Zuvala : So, tell me where are you all from... Mehmet: Oh, I'm from UAE in a way. I'll give you a book about my ancestors prince Zuvala. Well also, for Jessica, Suleiman I (The father of great grandfather of Mehmet) was from Dubai. And due to some reasons he was going to america, but his ship was attacked by pirates, and he waswas ghe only survivor. People of Wayhalt found him and made him a house. So in that way, I'm From UAE. Barbara : Oops, a call. Wait for me please. *3 minutes later. Barbara : Mehmet, we should go within a week. Your father called me and said not to stay here for very Long. *Don't forger to tell your opinion on the run.
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❄Frozen Dozen: Ice Breaking #7 Avalanche

Before the main events of Earth-1216.

Hi. My name is Ford Press. You may know me as Avalanche. I am part of Frozen Dozen. Now, you will hear my story.

I had a quite normal life. Happy childhood, average school marks. However, one day my life turned upside down. I was at my apartment. Suddenly the doorbell rang. As I opened them the Frost Giant entered. I thought it was a nightmare. I called the police but the Frost Giant froze me.


Frost Giant came out of Ford Press house. He had run away just before police came out. He hid in the nearest mountains. Loki visited him.
"Did you find him, Kaigus?" he asked.
"Yes, I did. Why is he so important? He is just a normal man."
"He is. But his real father is really powerful. That's why I wanted you to neutralize him. Now, come with me." Loki teleported with Kaigus to Roxxon. They met with Dario Agger. They injected something into him. Frost Giant felt strange. He doubled in size and his skin covered with scales.
"What did you to me?!" he shouted. He turned into the Lizard.


I woke up in a strange room. There were sophisticated technology. I couldn't move. The scientists were doing something to me.
"Wait, he woke up?" one scientist said. He came to me "Don't worry, you will be fine."
"What happened?! Where am I?!" I shouted.
"You are in our facility. We took you out of the ice. You had been frozen by a Frost Giant. We found some strange readings on our screens. It seems you have some unusual abilities. We want to make a few more tests."
"What?! Tests?! No! No, no, no!" I panted. I clunched my fists. Suddenly I heard a noice. All facility was being destroyed. I was broken out. I crawled on the surface and escaped. I returned home.

That event had changed me. I had nightmares showing the accident over and over again. I had a lot sleepless nights. After some time it turned out that I could control avalanches. I've decided to use this ability to help people.

Five years later. Three years before Ice Age event.

For my 23rd birthday I went to Poland. I visited beautiful Zakopane and Tatra mountain range. I was in the bus driving to the airport. Suddenly I heard something loud. When I turned back I saw some strange creatures through the window. They looked like ugly potatoes with faces, legs and arms. There were two of them. They were at least 5 metres tall. They were chasing the bus. They ran past it and one of them stopped it while the other one took the roof from the vehicle. He grabbed a middle-aged woman. Everyone panicked. Suddenly a man in furry cat suit jumped and punched monstrous potato in the face. The monster left the woman and he was mushed. The second one held the man. I decided to help him. I made the avalanche and controlled it not to kill people. It covered the monster and it destroyed him.

I took the man out of snow and made the avalanche come back. He said something to me. Now, I know that was 'Thank you' in Polish. Anyway, I sat next to him. I asked him who he and those monsters were. He whispered:
"My name is Polar Lynx. And those beasts were magic potatoes with transmutation properties. What about you? What's your name?"
"My name is Avalanche. Wait, magic potatoes?! You have to be kidding me."
"I'm afraid not. See, I will explain everything later. Are you staying in Poland?"
"Actually, no.
"A shame. Ok, listen. Those creatures were created by a witch from Poznań. I had been looking for her lately. It seems that she found me. Ku**a mać."
"Maybe I will help you?" I asked. He didn't seem to be happy about it but after a while he agreed.

I stayed in Poland for a while. That was my first team up which was part of a team later called Frozen Dozen.
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Marvel vs DC Violent Wars #21

What if Battle #41
DC : Red Hood (New 52)


Marvel : Blade (Earth 616)

Location : Gotham rooftops
No prep
Win by any means
Normal equipment

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Marvel "Goblin" Wars #15

Red Goblin vs Demon Goblin

Location: New York
Equipment: Standard

Death Battle!
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Jack Kirby Tribute Battle Royal
Action Figure Debate Jack Kirby Tribute Battle Royal Episodes - YouTube
Action Figure Debate Jack Kirby Tribute Battle Royal Episodes - YouTube YouTube
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BHM tournament round 1 match 38

Nighthawk vs Killmonger

Setting: Gotham city
1 hr prep
Fully equipped
Earth 616 version Killmonger
Win by KO or Submission
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Umm, I can't even... what are your thoughts?
Marvel Retcons Hulk's Origin
Marvel Retcons Hulk's Origin Marvel
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Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger | Season 2 Official Trailer
Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger | Season 2 Official Trailer YouTube
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Team Of The Week: Fantastic Four. Are They One of Your Favorites?????

Everyweek I will post a new team from marvel. This weeks team is The Fantastic Four. This is one of my Favorite teams.
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Just a thought 🤔💭

Do u think woman in comic are better represented then the last 30 years

I was watching a video in class about how women were represented in the media , ( in Netflix the video is called Miss Representation)

Like have they gotten better roles in comic series
The increase of series with a female character as the main character
The type of outfits they were (like do they make them less sexual , having this women less of a sex symbol in a type of way)
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Items Collide: Thor’s Mighty Hammer, or the Golden Mace of Hercules?!

What would win a fight, The Mighty hammer, Mjolnir, or the Golden Mace of Hercules. Hercules has given Thor a run for his money in the comics before. What are your thoughts on the matter?
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Theory On Iron Man Having To Sacrifice Something To Undo The Snap!!!!!
Heartbreaking ‘Avengers: Endgame’ theory explains what Iron Man may sacrifice to undo the snap
Heartbreaking ‘Avengers: Endgame’ theory explains what Iron Man may sacrifice to undo the snap BGR
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BHM tournament round 1 match 37

Night thrasher vs White Tiger

Setting: Gotham city
1 hr prep
Fully equipped
Win by KO or Submission
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Who would win this fight?

  • Beta Ray Bill(Half strength and power)
  • Weapon H
  • Speed
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