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Which infinity gem would you rather have?

Out of all the infinity gems(including the 7th from the comics) which one would you want the most?
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• 2h

BHM tournament round 1 match 31

Doctor voodoo vs War Machine

Setting: Gotham city
1 hr prep
Fully equipped
Win by KO or Submission
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• 4h

Enter the Greymalkin: Iceman

Welcome to the Greymalkin!

At one time, Cable used a unique space station from his future home to assist in missions through time. Carrying advanced technology and weaponry, some of its most valuable assets were the Time Displacement Cores, which allowed him to “bodyslide” to any point in the continuum that he needed to...

Which is exactly what Enter the Greymalkin is all about 🤗

In these segments, a new character will be presented each day. With that character in mind, this thread allows discussion on the following:

1) Storylines that we loved the character in.
2) Possible storylines that we would love to see that character in. (this includes your own unique stories)
3) Other timelines that would be cool for the character to operate in. (perhaps we “old manify” them)
4) Even different dimensions that we want to see the character in. (see you in Dimension Z)

At its core, this new segment fosters discussion on the possibilities of characters that we love. Focus on the character of the day and let’s see what potential stories and ideas that we can come up with 😎

Initiate Bodyslide: Robert Drake aka Iceman
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• 4h

What are your thoughts on brand new Xmen movie: Dark Phoenix??????????

This is one of the new Xmen movies coming out following Xmen Apocalypse. After Dark Phoenix comes out, The New Mutants movie will soon be coming out. I think Dark Phoenix looks really good and I just wanted to know who else thought it looked good.
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• 6h

COSMIC X : THE BEGINNING Vol 1 #Issue1 { W.R.I.T.E.R.S story }

{ Year 2043 , July 4 }
{ Somewhere on the earth. A barren land, desertificated area in which a hut stand still in the middle}
{ Suddenly , some future tech soldiers with high tech jeeps and bikes surrounded the hut }

One of them : Hey, whosoever is in the house is requested to come outside. I'm officer Greg. From FCI { future cops incorporation }

{ no response from inside the hut }

Greg : We will count till ten only. Come outside or we will open fire to your hut

{ no response }

Greg : 10.........9.........8...........7..........6..........5..........4.........3.......2......

{ suddenly a voice interprets officer greg and a boy came outside of the hut }

Boy : who are you???
Gregg : I m officer greg from FCI. As, according to our reports you are a threat to people living far from this place.
Boy : { SHOUTING IN ANGER } Go from here. I m no threat to the peoples many times i will explain......
Greg : We will not go until and unless you come with us.
Boy : Go !! otherwise.....
Greg : What otherwise ! what can you do !!! show me ! show me if you can do anything !!
Boy : { shouting } Do I show you
Greg : { Shouting in excitement } Yeahh !
Boy : { again shouting } Do I show youuuu !!!
Greg : { Excited } Yeahhh !!!

{ suddenly the boy's eye started glowing an he lifted up in air. and then a ball of energy started circling around him }

{ the ball of energy expands........and expands.........and expands !!.. }

{ Officer Greg sensing danger fired on the ball and then { after 2 seconds }.................KABOOOOOMMM!!!
the energy ball explodes and the shockwave of the blast threw away Greg and other officers }

Greg : { shouting } What's that !?!!?!

{ suddenly , dark clouds started taking over the sky and a lightning strike the ground just in front of the boy }

{ after the lightning a man appears in front of the boy }

Man : Hey , kid....
Boy : Kid ?!!
Man : I...............I'm sorry. You are Danny . RIGHT ??
Boy : Yeah . My name is danny.
Man : Hey , danny. I m THUNDO
Danny : thundo !?!! who are you ?

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Hero of the Day: Oxbow. I think you guys will love him!!

Everyday I will post a new hero.
What are your thoughts about the hero and have you seen him in any comics.

Today's hero is: Oxbow
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• 8h

JRC’s villain of the week: Annihilus

Every week I will post a different villain. What are your thoughts on the villain, have you seen them in any comics lately?

This week:

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• 8h

Match Up Mayhem (Age Of Apocalypse Part #10): Apocalypse vs Hyperion!!

All Hail En Sabah Nur! State fully and thoroughly your thoughts on who you think wins and why. *ADDITIONAL ROUND* Please NO Off Topic Discussion Apocalypse Saga List: Previous Battle: Apocalypse vs Black Adam & Shazam- Respect Threads: APOCALYPSE- Not a great respect thread, thats why I added his profile page to at least get a bit more information. HYPERION- RULES/CONDITIONS: -Random Encounter -Standard Equipment -Win By Any Means (KO, Death, Incapacitation) NO Victory through Environmental use, or Battle Feild Removal/BFR! -Location: Moutainous Desert! ROUND 2) -NO Telepathy or Telekinesis for Apocalypse. NO Flight or Heat Vision for Hyperion. FIGHT!!!!
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• 13h

Death Sport PR: 2nd Chance Round 1 Match 1

Congrats Warlock! You have won the Death Sport Semi-Finals! But don't celebrate just yet, these other 6(RIP Gen) are standing in your way to victory.

Good luck to everyone in the second chance tournament. This is the first battle of round 1.

StrangeHulk - Practice Run:
Mr. Sinister(616)
Jean Grey(616)
Shadow King(616) classic amhal Farouk


AnonymousHero - Thanos' Avengers:
Dr. Doom(616)
The Unspoken(616)

Reality warp is cancelled.
Can't go back in time.
No Phoenix Force enhancement.
Healing factor only grants second life.
No prep
Location: Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters
You can not vote or persuade others to vote for your team.
Please do research instead of making a wild guess.
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• 14h

Your thoughts
Comic Legends: Did Market Research Impact the New Warriors' Creation? — Comic Book Resources
Comic Legends: Did Market Research Impact the New Warriors' Creation? — Comic Book Resources
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• 15h

Which movie are waiting for the most?

  • Captain Marvel
  • Avengers:Endgame
  • Spider-Man:Far From Home
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• 15h

Max I got a question about Shuri

Do they ever explain where shuri been before her debut, I mean black panther been around since 1966 and her debut was in 2005. That’s almost 40 years, I mean how does marvel explain this
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• 16h

Dawah: Ancestors Revealed! (WRITERS story)

Note : I apologise that I've made a lot of mistakes before in these stories, and if I can just concentrate a little, it won't happen again. Even if you find any mistakes, just inform. Previous Issue : *Joseph,Barbara & Alexa(Alexandra holmes) Came to an abandoned place for a meeting. Joseph : Then what should I do now? Barbie : Just let Mehmet know who he is. Alexa : Yeah,that's it for today. We need to form a team. You, Barbara,Me,Mehmet,Jessica,David,Reaper, Zain & Jessica... Joseph : Okay, I'll tell them. But isn't it a coincidence that we have some awesome descendants? Alexa : Yeah it go. *Joseph comes to Zain's house. Zain : Where have you been all the time Yusuf? Joseph: It's Joseph. Zain : Yeah you know I'm Arab with Arabic accent... Mehmet : Now we have to know where you've been. Joseph : I'll tell you. It's a long story,but I'll try to make it short. There was a team, long ago in 16th century. Here at this place was their base. I don't know relative names or what to call ancestors, but hope you could understand me. 3 founding members are- Ceaser's Grandfather Khavik. Mehmet's Great grandfather's father Solomon aka. Suleiman I. David's Great Grandfather's father Fatim I. Also FYI, Suleiman I was a friend to Roch Dąbrowski. He was the first person who gained a title from spirit of polish patriotism. The very first Cap poland you can say, though his title wasn't cap poland. But he's former Cap's Great Ancestor. Fatim I was the Leader of Warjsay's(spelled War-Shay)National Army. And you all know Warjsay is the previous name of Wayhalt. Khavik was the first prime minister of Warjshay. Back then, prime minister was title of The closest person to the king. And the others who continued the legacy are- Baba khalil who prayed for Reaper and made him ghost. Tazlil Son of Fatim I. Dazam Son of Suleiman I. Suleiman II Son of Dazam. Fatim II Son of Tazlil. So, Solomon II is grandfather of mehmet, Fatim II is Grandfather of David. Dazam is step brother of Tazlil. Here comes great grands. When Fatim I died, His wife, who was maternal cousin to Suleiman I, Married him. Either way hey're ancestors, so hakuna matata. Now, it's on our hands to form the team again. We should form this again and protect Wayhalt. Now, we've to go to Wayhalt asylum because Our Very own Inspector Daniel is waiting there. *At Wayhalt asylum Dan : Y'all Ready? Let's go to airport. We're heading to the devil's island. Soldier W : I'm with you guys. Mehmet : K,K...go now. Reaper : Yeah yeah... *At airport Daniel : Let's start This mission Dawah! Jessica : I've never been in a plane in my life! David : Woohoo! Zain : Mehmet, I'm with you. We shall start our journey! Mehmet : How many times do I have to tell "Let's go"? *How was the story? Please, Tell below, I need opinions. And a good news, a new member has joined!
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• 17h

Character of the day
Norrin Radd (Earth-1610)
Norrin Radd (Earth-1610) Marvel Database
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• 19h

Place of the day!

Today I want Our Mod @BashenghaThe First to tell the history and glory of this place.
Wakanda Marvel Database
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• 19h

BHM tournament round 1 match 30

Anath-Na Mut vs Black Golitah

Setting: Gotham city
1 hr prep
Fully equipped
No hacking the suit
Win by KO or Submission

I was debating on anath-na Mut being in the tournament but I don’t fully get his power level, so tell me if he’s too op/ same with Blue Marvel
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• 21h

Captain Fight

If every hero with Captain in there name had a fight, who would come on top? Ex: Captain America
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• 21h

District X Love

Any District X readers in here? I loved this series for so many reasons. It is such a great concept and a very underrated read.

First off for those that don't know, District X aka Mutant Town was an urban neighborhood in New York. Majority of the residents were mutants, however there were still human residents. The book did a great job of showing that mutants developed their own culture. The neighborhood was very poor, high crime rate, drugs flooding the streets, high homeless population.

The book really did an amazing job of showing that not all mutants are born with amazing gifts, and not all of them get happy stories. It was a great representation of what happens to a group of society that is trying to carve out their own space in this world, they didn't do it with war on humans, they just tried to love life.

Now to my boy Bishop, first of all I consider this a solo Bishop book, is was great to see him leading the book. However I do consider the neighborhood the main character. Seeing Bishop back as a law man was nice, remember he was the law in his future. But unlike his era, he had to restrain himself due to the laws of this era. Seeing him struggle with it but also seeing how natural he was at being a detective was great.

If you like books that mirror the real world, you will like this book. Its a great take on minorities living in a ghetto, the struggles of the day to day life, trying to live a peaceful life with so much chaos going on.
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