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This template is used to provide a link and categorize the appearance of a page in a comic. It also adds appropriate links to the previous and next comic for appearance surfing, allowing overrides to jump from one series to the next.


Normal Use:

{{apn|[[Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)|Daredevil]]}}

This is the general usage of the template. It assumes that the character's previous and next appearances are the previous and next issues of the current volume. So if this link appeared on Daredevil Vol 2 40, the previous arrow would link to Daredevil Vol 2 39, and the next arrow would link to Daredevil Vol 2 41.

Manual Entry:

{{apn|[[Daniel Rand (Earth-616)|Iron Fist]]|Exiles #29|Amazing Spider-Man #339}}

This is an example where both the previous and next appearing comics for a character have been supplied. In this case, no matter what comic this template appeared on, the previous arrow would link to Exiles Vol 1 29, and the next arrow would link to Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 339. Notice that no inclusion of the volume assumes you mean Volume 1.

Further Features:

{{apn|[[Hector Ayala (Earth-616)|Hector Ayala]]||-}} {{Death}}

This is an example of two features:

  1. Leaving the previous or next issue fields blank, (like this one is for the previous field), assumes you still want the automatic issue which came before the one the template is on. Note that if the template is on the first issue of the series, it will not provide a previous arrow or link unless one is manually supplied.
  2. Using a hyphen (or dash) "-" tells the template not to show that arrow. So in the example above, the character died in this appearance, and will not be appearing in another comic. Therefore, we do not want the next arrow to show.

Further Questions:

If you have any questions about this template, please message me or contact an Administrator.

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