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Comic Name Standardization Template (Cnst)

This template is for the automatic link making of Comic names to ease the user in inputting comic titles.

It's often used to remove 'Vol 1' from the title and replace it with a #, such as:

Inputting: {{c|Exiles Vol 1 1}} results in: Sablon:C

It is also often used to insert 'Vol 1' when the volume is not specified, as in:

Inputting: {{c|Exiles #1}} results in: Sablon:C

The template allows one more field to be entered, which alters the link text:

Inputting: {{c|Exiles #1|Yo Mama's Comic}} results in: Sablon:C

When the Volume is a number other than 1, it stays in the result:

Inputting: {{c|Exiles Vol 2 1}} results in: Sablon:C
and inputting: {{c|Exiles Vol 2 #1}} results in: Sablon:C

While the standard usage format is:

{{Cnst| Comic Title }}

More often, the template will be seen as:

{{c| Comic Title }}

See Also:

  • Template:CnstNL for the same template without links generated at the end.
  • Template:R for the same template with templated reference tags surrounding it.