Quote1 We've all in kind of middle of things. I'm having a little... mutation problem right now! Quote2
-- Spider-Man src

He presumably had the same history as Peter Parker (Earth-92131) until he was beginning to mutate. However, this is never explained why was he mutating.

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As Man-Spider

Unlike his counterpart, he hadn't stopped the mutation yet, and ends up jeopardizing the Spider-Men's mission in stopping Spider-Carnage from destroying all reality by turning into the Man-Spider.[1]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.

Dan Slott has said on Twitter that he was actually going to add Spider-Men (including Six-Armed Spider-Man) to Spider-Verse #2's last story but took them out to avoid confusion because similiar versions of Spider-Man were already introduced by then in the tie-in comic Superior Spider-Man #32 such as the Six-Armed Spider-Man of Earth-92100 and/or the Armored Spider-Man of Earth-14132 and it would have created confusion due to the fact that both of these Spider-Men were already dead by the time of Spider-Verse #2.[1][2]

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