The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, also known as OHOTMU, is a guide which attempts to detail the Marvel Universe. The original 15 volume series was published in comic book format in 1982, with the most recent updates published in 2004 - 2006.


Jim Shooter, Marvel's then Editor in Chief, initially came up with the idea for the project, envisioning a guide detailing statistics much in the manner of those found upon the backs of baseball cards.[1] This initial project was to be called The Marvel Super-Specifications Handbook. He appointed Mark Gruenwald editor of the project, and in Gruenwald's hands the project gained its published name and also grew in scope to cover all aspects of the Marvel Universe, although Gruenwald himself noted it was not comprehensive.[2]

Critics of the handbook have argued that the level of detail within the guide effectively limited the ability of writers to innovate, a charge Gruenwald dismissed, reputedly stating that the information presented was only the most recent data and was subject to change.[3] Peter Sanderson, one of the writers of the original guide, noted that "Mark sought to make the Marvel characters' super-powers as firm a basis in real science as possible. After the first version of the Handbook, Mark decided that some of the explanations had grown too complicated, and asked me to simplify them."[4]

The OHOTMU detailed the more significant characters, items and locations in the Marvel Universe, itemizing them into individual entries. Individual entries consisted, in most cases, of:

  • A frontal full-body view of the character. These illustrations were drawn solely for the OHOTMU, often by the artist most closely associated with the character; for example, the original entries for Elektra and Bullseye were illustrated by Frank Miller.
  • Prose text describing the character's origin, powers, and other abilities and unique traits, as well as 'statistics' such as place of birth, former aliases, height, weight, hair and eye color and so forth. The original edition opted only to describe the "Origins" of characters (how they acquired their powers), instead focusing heavily on detailed explanations for how those powers functioned. In in its Book of the Dead supplement, however, the handbook provided entire "Histories" for the deceased characters, a trend which was then adopted for the main body of the Deluxe Edition, allowing the entire life and career of the characters to be covered. In a few cases, the Handbook even included previously unrevealed information. In addition, major important pieces of equipment were given technical illustrations with breakdowns of their functions and features.
  • Example pictures of the character in action, taken directly from the comics themselves.

In the original OHOTMU, characters were listed at one character per page, although minor characters were sometimes listed at two to a page and major characters would occasionally receive more than one page. In the Deluxe Edition, however, every character received at least one page; the most significant characters such as Captain America or Iron Man could receive up to 3-5 pages for their writeups; less important characters, such as Sunspot or Volcana, typically received one or two pages.

In the Master Edition (1990-1993) this reverted and every character, major or minor, was given the same amount of space - both sides of single loose leaf page. In the latest (2004- ) version this has been changed back again and now characters receive different lengths of entry depending on their history and importance.

There have been many iterations of the OHOTMU concept since it was first launched in 1982:

  • 1982-1984: a 15-issue series; this was the original OHOTMU. Issues 13 and 14 were the Book of the Dead and Inactive, featuring characters and groups who were, at the time, believed dead or inactive, and issue 15 was the 'Book of Weapons, Hardware, and Paraphernalia', featuring technical drawings of Iron Man's armor, Spider-Man's web-shooters and other notable characters' equipment. The back of each issue in the series featured a brief Appendix, giving one-line listings for minor and inactive characters.
  • 1985-1988: a 20-issue series, updating the original into a Deluxe Edition (OHOTMUDE for short). The last five issues of this series were, again, the 'Book of the Dead', cataloging characters that were believed dead at the time; the technical drawings from the original series' supplemental 'Book of Weapons' were reproduced and updated in the relevant characters' main entries or, in a few cases, receiving their own entries. The '85-'88 run (Deluxe Edition) has also been collected in trade paperback format, a series of 10 thicker volumes of 128 pages each. Although numerous entries reference an Appendix, the Deluxe Edition Appendix never materialized.
  • 1989: the OHOTMU Update '89 was published, an 8-issue series. This series is notable for including numerous non-superhuman supporting characters, where previous runs had all but neglected them.
  • 1990-1993: OHOTMU Master Edition was a 36 issue series in which each issue was actually a shrink-wrapped pack of loose-leaf pages each featuring a character; rather than offering prose information, concentrates more on trying to make up accurate statistics for characters. Each page offered a full profile of the character's body: front, side, and back, all drawn by the same artist: Keith Pollard.
  • 2004-2005: Marvel has been releasing individual one-shot OHOTMUs that supplement the Marvel Encyclopedia, which target specific families of characters, beginning with Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: X-Men 2004. Other entries in this themed, subtitled series include Spider-Man 2004, Avengers 2004, Hulk 2004, Daredevil 2004, Wolverine 2004, Golden Age 2004, Women of Marvel 2005 and Avengers 2005. One Handbook a month is planned through 2005.
  • 2006: A new twelve-issued series is planned for release throughout this year, one issue per month, covering characters from across the Marvel Universe. Characters who have already received profiles in the one-shots of the past two years will apparently be excluded, allowing the series to focus entirely on characters in need of major handbook updates, or who have never had an entry at all. A series of one-shot issues will also be released throughout the year in the same style as the 2004-2005 books to focus on major groups of characters. This year will also see the original Handbook series, original 20-issue Deluxe Edition, and the Update '89 edition reprinted in three large Essential volumes.

The OHOTMUDE is the most familiar version of the OHOTMU to fans as it was distributed more widely and was of a more reasonable price than the OHOTMU Master Edition. Its trade paperback version is also the most durable OHOTMU available. Unfortunately, it is currently almost two decades out of date, the last issue having been released in 1988.

In addition to the Marvel Universe, Marvel published a number of handbook-style products for their licensed properties, among them Conan the Barbarian (The Official Handbook to the Conan Universe), G.I. Joe (G.I. Joe Order of Battle) and the Transformers (Transformers Universe).

It is amusing to note that in certain humor-based Marvel publications, such as What The--?!, "Ohotmu" has been used as the name of a parody version of a Watcher, as a play on the Watchers' reputations as far-seeing and possessing of great knowledge and for the phonetic pronunciation of OHOTMU (most often "oh-hot-moo") sounding similar to the name of the best-known Watcher, Uatu ("oo-wa-two").

Bibliography of Official Handbook series

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. I

  • Original Series #1 - #15 (Marvel Comics, January 1983 - May 1984)

#TitleMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
1A from Abomination to Avengers QuinjetJanuary 198334$ 1.00
2B - C from Baron Mordo to Collective ManFebruary 198334$ 1.00
3C - D from Collector to DraculaMarch 198334$ 1.00
4D - G from Dragon Man to Gypsy MothApril 198334$ 1.00
5H - J from Hangman to JuggernautMay 198334$ 1.00
6K - M from Kang to Man-BullJune 198334$ 1.00
7M from Mandarin to MystiqueJuly 198334$ 1.00
8N - P from Namorita to PyroAugust 198334$ 1.00
9Q - S from Quasar to She-HulkSeptember 198334$ 1.00
10S from Shi'ar to Sub-MarinerOctober 198334$ 1.00
11S - U from Subterraneans to Ursa MajorNovember 198334$ 1.00
12V - Z from Valkyrie to ZzzaxDecember 198334$ 1.00
13Book of the Dead and Inactive I: Air-Walker to Man-WolfFebruary 198434$ 1.00
14Book of the Dead and Inactive II: Marvel Boy to ZurasMarch 198434$ 1.00
15Book of Weapons, Hardware, and ParaphernaliaApril 198434$ 1.00


  • Essential (Trade Paperback) #1 (Marvel Comics, January 2006)

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. II (Deluxe Edition)

  • Original Series #1 - #20 (Marvel Comics, December 1985 - February 1988)

#InfoMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
1Abomination to Batroc's BrigadeDecember 198564$ 1.50
2Beast to CleaJanuary 198664$ 1.50
3Cloak to Doctor OctopusFebruary 198664$ 1.50
4Doctor Strange to GalactusMarch 198664$ 1.50
5Gardener to The HulkApril 198664$ 1.50
6Human Torch to Ka-Zar May 198664$ 1.50
7Khoryphos to MagnetoJune 198664$ 1.50
8Magus to Mole ManJuly 198664$ 1.50
9Molecule Man to OwlAugust 198664$ 1.50
10Paladin to The RhinoSeptember 198664$ 1.50
11Nova to SidewinderOctober 198664$ 1.50
12Sif to SunspotNovember 198664$ 1.50
13Super-Adaptoid to UmarDecember 198664$ 1.50
14Unicorn to WolverineJanuary 198764$ 1.50
15Wonder Man to Zzzax plus Alien RacesMarch 198764$ 1.50
16Book of the Dead: Air-Walker to Death-Stalker June 198764$ 1.50
17Book of the Dead: Destiny to HobgoblinAugust 198764$ 1.50
18Book of the Dead: Hyperion to NighthawkOctober 198764$ 1.50
19Book of the Dead: Nuke to Obadiah StaneDecember 198764$ 1.50
20Book of the Dead: Stick to ZurasFebruary 198864$ 1.50

  • Reprints (Trade Paperback) #1 - #10 (Marvel Comics, 1986 - 1987)

#InfoISBNMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
1Abomination to Circus of CrimeISBN 0-87135-208-7?128$ 6.95
2Clea to GaeaISBN 0-87135-209-5?128$ 6.95
3Galactus to KangISBN 0-87135-210-9?128$ 6.95
4Karkas to Mister FantasticISBN 0-87135-211-7?128$ 6.95
5Mister Fear to QuicksilverISBN 0-87135-212-5?128$ 6.95
6Radioactive Man to Stilt-ManISBN 0-87135-213-3?128$ 6.95
7Stingray to WendigoISBN 0-87135-214-1?128$ 6.95
8Werewolf to Zzzax
Book of the Dead: Air-Walker to Dorcas, Dr. Lemuel
ISBN 0-87135-215-X?128$ 6.95
9Book of the Dead: Dorma to PatriotISBN 0-87135-353-9?128$ 6.95
10Book of the Dead: Phantom Eagle to ZurasISBN 0-87135-366-0?128$ 6.95


  • Essential (Trade Paperback) #1 - #3 (Marvel Comics, March 2006 - July 2006)

  • Update '89 #1 - #8 (Marvel Comics, July 1989 - December 1989)

#InfoMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
1Adversary to ChameleonJuly 198948$ 1.50
2Champion of the Universe to Ecstasy August 198948$ 1.50
3Eon to HulkSeptember 198948$ 1.50
4Human Torch to MannikinOctober 198948$ 1.50
5Marauders to Power PrincessNovember 198948$ 1.50
6Prowler to Serpent SocietyLate November 198948$ 1.50
7Set to TyrakDecember 198948$ 1.50
8U-Man to Madelyne PryorLate December 198948$ 1.50


  • Essential Update (Trade Paperback) #1 (Marvel Comics, December 2006)

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. III (Master Edition)

  • Original Series #1 - #36 (Marvel Comics, December 1990 - ?)

#Info [5]Month of Publ.SheetsOrig. Price
1Model Sheets: Anaconda, Blue Shield, Corsair, Counterweight, Dormammu, Foxfire, Gorgon, Agatha Harkness, Juggernaut, Llyra, Midnight Sun, MODAM, Moon Boy, Nebulon, Oneg, Puck, Ronan the Accuser, Spider-Man, Starfox, Stranger, Trickshot, Typhoid Mary, Watchdogs, ZurasDecember 199024$ 3.95
2Model Sheets: Awesome Android, Ulysses Bloodstone, Captain America, Destiny, Doctor Octopus, Eel, Forge, Grey Gargoyle, Howard the Duck, ISAAC, Kubik, Leader, Moonstone, Mother Night, Nitro, Orka, Plantman, Quicksilver, Rock Python, Sise-Neg, Scorpio, Triton, Volcana, Water WizardJanuary 199124$ 3.95
3Model Sheets: AIM, Baron Mordo, Big Bertha, Cable, Diamondback II, Electro, Firelord, Gargantua, Ghost Rider VI, Heimdall, Ka-Zar, Man-Ape, Mister Fantastic, Morgan Le Fey, Naga, Porcupine, Razorback, Shocker, Sunder, Thunderbird, Venus, Whizzer, Wrecker, ZaranFebruary 199124$ 3.95
4Model Sheets: Apocalypse, Baron Zemo II, Blastarr, Carrion, Devastator, Executioner, Grim Reaper, Hammer, King Cobra, Living Mummy, Madame Web, Malekith the Accursed, Minerva, Mister Jip, Nikki, Puppet Master, Red Raven, Shadowcat, Shape, Texas Twister, U-Man, Vector, Wolverine, ZiranMarch 199124$ 3.95
5Model Sheets: Abomination, Blizzard, Boomerang, Captain Marvel I, Crimson Dynamo V, Dagger, Doctor Malus, Eternity, Fandral, Guardian II, In-Betweener, Knick Knack, Magma, Man-Thing, Mesmero, Nighthawk, Owl, Punisher, Quasimodo, Sleeper, Speed Demon, Titania II, Vulture, WizardApril 199124$ 3.95
6Model Sheets: Astronomer, Bullseye, Cannonball, Copperhead III, Darkoth, Fixer, Gatecrasher, Hela, Hobgoblin II-IV, Immortus, Leir, Mirage, Mister Sinister, Mordred, Nomad III, One Above All, Professor Power, Rintrah, She-Hulk, Starlight, Thin Man, Ursa Major, Vertigo II, WhirlwindMay 199124$ 3.95
7Model Sheets: Armadillo, Barbarus, Black Knight III, Callisto, Cypher, Daredevil, Egghead, Firestar, Goldbug, Hangman, Jack Frost, Karnilla, Lizard, Magneto, Marvel Boy, Mercurio, Nova, Psycho-Man, Red Ronin, Shaper of Worlds, Slug, Stilt-Man, Ulik, Valkin 24$ 3.95
8Model Sheets: Attuma, Blacklash, Captain Ultra, Colossus, Devil Dinosaur, Dragon Man, Elektra, Gladiator II, Hulk, Jackal, Kang, Lamprey, Machete, Makkari, Manslaughter, Nighthawk, Piledriver, Quicksand, Shang-Chi, Spider-Woman I, Supreme Intelligence, Tyrannus, Viper, Woodgod 24$ 3.95
9Model Sheets: Air-Walker, Black Panther, Brother Tode, Chameleon, Doc Samson, Ego, Firebird, Gremlin II, Hyperion, Isis, Lightspeed, Machinesmith, Moon Knight, Overmind, Phantom Eagle, Rocket Raccoon, Scarlet Witch, Silver Dagger, Skids, Taskmaster, Vidar, Colleen Wing, Xemnu the Titan, Zarek 24$ 3.95
10Model Sheets: Ajak, Black Talon, Blob, Captain Britain, Constrictor, Doctor Faustus, Grandmaster, Hercules, Jigsaw, Llan the Sorcerer, Mad Thinker, Miss America, Misty Knight, N'Astirh, Odin, Poundcakes, Red Ghost, Seth, Siryn, Thanos, Umar, Venom, Wong, X-Ray 24$ 3.95
11Model Sheets: Ares, Balor, Cloak, Crucible, Death Adder, Gilgamesh, Hydro-Man, Impossible Man, Jocasta, Kronos, Lupo, Madrox the Multiple Man, Master Order, Nezarr, Oddball, Power Princess, Rocket Racer, Spider-Woman II, Storm, Tana Nile, Tinkerer, Vanguard, White Tiger, Yellow Claw 24$ 3.95
12Model Sheets: El Aguila, Andromeda, Black Cat, Centurius, Crossbones, D'Spayre, Frenzy, Goliath III, Helio, Jack of Hearts, Karnak, Loki, Melter, Mister Hyde, Nightcrawler, Puff Adder, Piper, Runner, Satannish, Silver Surfer, Spitfire, Taurus, Uni-Mind, Whiplash II 24$ 3.95
13Model Sheets: Arabian Knight, Blood Brothers, Bullet, Contemplator, Diablo, Dreadknight, Fer-De-Lance, High Evolutionary, Iceman, Mad Dog, Master, Mysterio, Northstar, Phoenix, Quasar, Ringmaster, Shroud, Surtur, Thundra, Tiger Shark, Ultimatum, Werewolf
Action Sheet: Spider-Man / Team Action Sheet: Fantastic Four
24$ 4.50
14Model Sheets: Annihilus, Beast, Black Knight, Champion of the Universe, Darkstar, Lun, Gargoyle, Jetstream, Kurse, Mentor, Modred, Mongoose, Namorita, Prowler, Rhino, Sidewinder, Sphinx, Super-Sabre, Thor, Tombstone, Wendigo
Action Sheets: Captain America, Spider-Man (Web-Shooters) / Team Action Sheet: Fantastic Four (Replacements)
24$ 4.50
15Model Sheets: Ant-Man II, Brothers Grimm, Bushwacker, [[Charlie-27, Crystal, Deathurge, Frankenstein, Garokk, Guardsman, Hate Monger, Iron Man, Killer Shrike, Mangog, Moonglow, Omega, Princess Python, Rogue, Sandman, Saturnyne, Space Phantom, Tyr, Adam Warlock
Action Sheet: Ghost Rider / Team Action Sheet: Avengers (First Line-Up)
24$ 4.50
16Model Sheets: Absorbing Man, Baron Strucker, Cyclops, Darkhawk, Force, Graviton, Hawkeye, Jemiah, Kofi, Lava Men, Martinex, Midas, Mole Man, Pluto, Sabretooth, Spymaster, Stallior, Tatterdemalion, Vamp, Yellowjacket, Zzaxx
Action Sheet: Wolverine / Team Action Sheet: Avengers (Second Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
17Model Sheets: 3-D Man, Ancient One, Black Queen, Brother Voodoo, Count Nefaria, Death-Stalker, Eson the Searcher, Glob, Havok, Kingpin, Lady Deathstrike, Maelstrom, MODOK, Namor, Paladin, Red Guardian, Sasquatch, Scorpion, Thunderball, Vishanti, Worm
Action Sheet: Punisher / Team Action Sheet: Avengers (Third Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
18Model Sheets: Arishem, Beetle, Bulldozer, Clea, Demolition-Man, Fang, Ghaur, Hogun the Grim, Ironclad, Kangaroo, Lucifer, Madcap, Moondragon, Nebula, Professor X, Razor-Fist, Nicholas Scratch, [[Spirit of '76|Spirit of '76, Thing, Wolfsbane, Zaladane
Action Sheet: She-Hulk / Team Action Sheet: Avengers (Fourth Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
19Model Sheets: Apollo, Battlestar, Ch'od, Doctor Demonicus, Earth-Lord, Gamora, Iron Monger, Rick Jones, Major Victory, Mandarin, Marinna, Nova, Oracle, Ringer, Satana, Shatterstar, Tom Thumb, Ultimus, White Bishop, Zodiac I, Zodiac II
Action Sheet: Daredevil / Team Action Sheet: Avengers (Fifth Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
20Model Sheets: Archangel, Baron Blood, Black Knight, Captain Atlas, Controller, Doctor Doom, Enchantress, Flag-Smasher, Ghost, Korvac, Lilandra, Maha Yogi, Maximus, Nuke, Quantum, Redstone, Sabra, Silvermane, Unicorn, Wasp, Wolverine (new uniform), Zarrko
Team Action Sheet: Avengers (Sixth Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
21Model Sheets: Aquarian, Banshee, Bi-Beast, Crossfire, Dakimh the Enchanter, Dominic Fortune, Gambit, Haywire, Invisible Woman, Jester, Karkas, Living Laser, Mantis, Master Man, Occult, Power Broker, Red Wolf, Speedball, Swordsman, Thena, Thor, Uatu the Watcher, Will O' The Wisp 23$ 4.50
22Model Sheets: Arcade, Black Bolt, Bushmaster II, Crimson Commando, Diamond Lil, Doctor Nightshade, Nick Fury, Gammenon, Hermes, Kismet, Madame Masque, Merlin, Phantom Rider, Screaming Mimi, Silver Sable, Slither, Starbolt, Terrax, Ultron, Volstagg, Whizzer, Yondu
Team Action Sheet: Avengers (Seventh Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
23Model Sheets: Arkon, Batroc, Blonde Phantom, Cage, Chthon, Collector, Doctor Spectrum, Falcon, Glorian, Hammerhead, It the Living Colossus, Krang, Left-Winger, Mockingbird, Psylocke, Radioactive Man, Sauron, Silhouette, Supremor, Tarantula, Unus, Vermin
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (First Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
24Model Sheets: Ape-Man, John Blaze, Byrrah, Chemistro I-III, Cyclone, Deathbird, Drax the Destroyer, Gladiator I, Horus, Human Torch II, Iron Fist, Jubilee, Klaw, Machine Man, Medusa, Phoenix III, Prester John, Red Skull, Stingray, Terminatrix, Trump, Zeus
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (Second Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
25Model Sheets: Black Widow II, Bucky, Cottonmouth, Deadpool, Fin Fang Foom, Guardian, Hepzibah, Infinity, Hannibal King, Mirage, Mister Fear, Night Thrasher, Osiris, Peregrine, Rama-Tut, Quagmire, Silver Samurai, Stellaris, Strong Guy, Terminus, Vibro, Wind Warrior
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (Third Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
26Model Sheets: Aginar, Belasco, Boomer, Caber, Chondu the Mystic, Doctor Druid, Foreigner, Jean Grey, Halflife, Ikaris, Jarella, Lockjaw, Molten Man, Mystique, Neptune, Orb, Psyklop, Rattler, Stryfe, Super-Skrull, Titan, Windshear
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (Fourth Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
27Model Sheets: Anvil, Asp, Bengal, Beta Ray Bill, Cat-Man, Deathlok, Devos, Electron, Foolkiller, Giant-Man, Green Goblin, Hydra, Jack O'Lantern, Korath the Pursuer, Marauders, Master Pandemonium, Needle, Pip the Troll, Raza, Snowbird, Toad, Wyatt Wingfoot
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (Fifth Line-Up)
23$ 4.50
28Model Sheets: Aron, Black Crow, Blade, Changeling, Cutthroat, Domino, Dream Queen, Elysius, Galactus, Hellfire Club, Kaluu, Living Lightning, Man-Beast, Meggan, Possessor, Ramrod, Scarecrow, Squadron Supreme, Starhawk, Terror, Inc., Valinor, Warstar
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (Sixth Line-Up)
23$ 4.95
29Model Sheets: Aurora, Balder comics), Blackout, Carnage, Black Tom Cassidy, Chief Examiner, Dazzler, Dredmund Druid, Gardener, Justin Hammer, Lightmaster, Mastermind, Mentallo, Occulus, Puma, Reavers, Sabretooth, Sersi, Solo, Talon, U.S.Agent, Warwolves
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (Seventh Line-Up)
23$ 4.95
30Model Sheets: Answer, Bishop, Blackout II, Chord, Crusader II, Dracula, Dreadnaught, Griffin, Hera, Impala, Janus, Longshot, Magik, Nobilus, Portal, Rage, Shalla Bal, Skrulls, Snowblind, Union Jack, Yandroth, Wraith
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (Eighth Line-Up: Blue Team)
23$ 4.95
31Model Sheets: Agamemnon, Blue Eagle, Cardiac, Coldblood, Destroyer, Feral, Gronk, Hussar, Killraven, Living Monolith, Mandrill, Micromax, Molecule Man, Nebula, Presence, Quill, Shockwave, Sleepwalker, Talisman, Vision, War Machine, Wildheart
Team Action Sheet: X-Men (Eighth Line-Up: Gold Team)
23$ 4.95
32Model Sheets: Analyzer, Bird-Man, Captain Universe, Doughboy, Enclave, Famine, Growing Man, Harriers, Ion, Kree, Lord Chaos, Maverick, Mephisto, Nefarius, Paibok, Rampage, Señor Muerte, Shapeshifter, Trapster, Union Jack, Voice, Ymir
Team Action Sheet: Avengers West Coast (First Line-Up)
23$ 4.95
33Model Sheets: Avalanche, Black Archer, Centurious, Crippler, Deathwatch, Enforcers, Feron, Gideon, Hercules, Human Torch, Inertia, Iron Man, Karma, Living Tribunal, Morg, Rancor, Reptyl, Scourge, Slapstick, Spider-Man 2099, Tyler Stone, Warpath
Team Action Sheet: Avengers West Coast (Second Line-Up)
23$ 4.95
34Model Sheets: Aragorn, Blackheart, Caliban, Captain Marvel, Cyber, Demogoblin, Frank Drake, 8-Ball, Frog-Man, Grizzly, Jack of Hearts, Lilith, Multiple Man, Null the Living Darkness, Omega Red, Punisher 2099, Henry Pym, Replica, Rictor, Sunfire, Tigra, Wonder Man
Team Action Sheet: Avengers West Coast (Third Line-Up)
23$ 4.95
35Model Sheets: Beyonder, Bloodaxe, Crystal, Deathlok, Doctor Strange, Doom 2099, Fearmaster, Hellstorm, Kala, Lyja the Laserfist, Magus, Polaris, Proteus, Shotgun, Specialist, Ghost Rider, Starhawk, Tamara Rahn, Thunderstrike, Turbo, Weapon X, Zero
Team Action Sheet: Avengers West Coast (Fourth Line-Up)
23$ 4.95
36Model Sheets: Ajax, Binary, Blackwing, Cerise, Chance, Evilhawk, Goddess, Grizzly, Hardcore, Moonhunter, Morbius, Ms. Marvel, Proctor, Pyro, [[Ravage 2099, Roma, Savage Steel, Siege, Sunspot, Ultimo, Vanisher, White Queen, Zarathos 23$ 4.95


The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. IV)

  • 2004 One-Shots (Marvel Comics, May - December 2004) (unnumbered)

TitleMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
X-Men 2004 May 200448$ 3.99
Spider-Man 2004June 200448$ 3.99
Avengers 2004July 200448$ 3.99
Hulk 2004 August 200448$ 3.99
Daredevil 2004 September 200448$ 3.99
Wolverine 2004 October 200448$ 3.99
Book of the Dead 2004 November 200448$ 3.99
Golden Age 2004 December 200448$ 3.99


  • 2005 One-Shots (Marvel Comics, January - December 2005) (unnumbered)

TitleMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
Women of Marvel 2005 January 200548$ 3.99
Marvel Knights 2005 February 200548$ 3.99
X-Men - Age of Apocalypse 2005 March 200548$ 3.99
Spider-Man 2005 April 200548$ 3.99
Teams 2005May 200548$ 3.99
Fantastic Four 2005 June 200548$ 3.99
Avengers 2005July 200548$ 3.99
Ultimate Spider-Man & Ultimate Fantastic Four 2005 August 200548$ 3.99
Alternate Universes 2005 September 200548$ 3.99
Horror 2005 October 200548$ 3.99
X-Men 2005 November 200548$ 3.99
The Ultimates & Ultimate X-Men 2005 December 200548$ 3.99


  • 2006 Series (All-New OHOTMU A - Z) #1 - #12 (Marvel Comics, January - December 2006)

#TitleMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
1Abraxas to BatwingJanuary 200664$ 3.99
2Benny Beckley to Crazy EightFebruary 200664$ 3.99
3Copperhead to Ethan EdwardsMarch 200664$ 3.99
4Damon Dran to Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & HolliwayApril 200664$ 3.99
5 Gorgon to JuryMay 200664$ 3.99
6 Justice to MarvelJune 200664$ 3.99
7Victor Mancha to PhantaziaJuly 200664$ 3.99
8Nekra to QuoiAugust 200664$ 3.99
9Puppet Master to ShamrockSeptember 200664$ 3.99
10Shadowoman to TaraOctober 200664$ 3.99
11Stranger to UltimoNovember 200664$ 3.99
12Ultra Girl to Arnim ZolaDecember 200664$ 3.99


Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe

  • Original Series #1 - #8 (from Marvel Super Heroes RPG)

#InfoMarvel #TSR #ISBNYear of Publ.Sheets / PagesOrig. Price
1Abomination through DreadnoughtMU16878ISBN 0-88038-540-51988128 / 256$ 13.95
2Eel through Mad DogMU26881ISBN 0-88038-576-61988128 / 256$ 13.95
3Mad Thinker through SentryMU36883ISBN 0-88038-601-01988128 / 256$ 13.95
4Serpent Society through ZzzaxMU46884ISBN 0-88038-617-71988128 / 256$ 13.95
51989 Characters UpdateMU56887ISBN 0-88038-766-11989128 / 256$ 15.95
61990 Characters UpdateMU66894ISBN 0-88038-866-81990128 / 256$ 15.95
71991 Characters UpdateMU76903ISBN 1-56076-102-4199164 / 128$ 15.95
81992 Characters UpdateMU86909ISBN 1-56076-407-4199264 / 128$ 15.95
91993 Characters UpdateMU9?ISBN 1-56076-600-X-64 / 128?


Marvel Encyclopedia (Series)

  • Original Series (Hardcover) #1 - #6 (Marvel Comics, October 2002 - December 2004)

#InfoISBNMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
1Avengers, Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights / MAX, X-MenISBN 0-7851-0984-6October 2002240$ 29.99
2X-MenISBN 0-7851-1119-9April 2003240$ 29.99
3HulkISBN 0-7851-1164-6June 2003208$ 19.99
4Spider-ManISBN 0-7851-1304-5November 2003240$ 24.99
5Marvel KnightsISBN 0-7851-1385-1April 2004240$ 29.99
6Fantastic FourISBN 0-7851-1480-7December 2004240$ 29.99


The Marvel Encyclopedia (One-Shot)

  • Original One-Shot (Hardcover) (Dorling Kindersley, October 2006)

TitleISBNMonth of Publ.PagesOrig. Price
The Marvel EncyclopediaISBN 0-7566-2358-8October 2006352$ 40.00


Official Marvel Indexes

  • Official Marvel Index to Amazing Spider-Man #1 - #9 (Marvel Comics, April - December 1985)
  • Official Marvel Index to Fantastic Four #1 - #12 (Marvel Comics, December 1985 - January 1987)
  • Official Marvel Index to Marvel Team Up #1 - #6 (Marvel Comics, January 1986 - July 1987)
  • Official Marvel Index to X-Men #1 - #7 (Marvel Comics, May 1987 - July 1988)
  • Official Marvel Index to Avengers #1 - #7 (Marvel Comics, June 1987 - August 1988)
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