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Located in a different galaxy, the planet "Hor-Mi-Ga" was inhabited by a man-sized humanoid ant species. They had very advanced technology, including inter-galactic flight, ray weapons and an electronic brain that allowed them to revert the pass of time, turning a target area into a past version of it. They were however unable to produce food in big enough amounts to feed all of its inhabitants. This led to the leadership of the species to try and invade another planet, having chosen Earth as their candidate. As Earth's technology was a match for their weaponry, the aliens tried to revert time to a point where primitive men inhabited (and shared their world with dinosaurs, either because Earth-TRN911's pre-history was like that, or because of a secondary effect of the "Hor-Mi-Ga" technology). However, this brought the "Hor-Mi-Ga" aliens into conflict with superhero el Hombre Araña, who was not reverted to a primitive state, and who allied himself with primitive Zor's tribe.[1]


  • Unnamed species from "Hor-Mi-Ga"
  • probably Perro Hormiga


  • The word "hormiga" is Spanish for "ant," apparently due to the aliens being formicid in appearance.
  • The planet's name is in quotation marks in the original.
  • The editors of this article do not have access yet to the end of the story in El Sorprendente Hombre Araña #179, which apparently included the defeat of "Hor-Mi-Ga" aliens (because #180 features an unrelated story of el Hombre Araña in New York City, the aliens no longer a threat).

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