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'Nuff Said
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'Nuff Said

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'Nuff Said was more of a theme than an actual event. The challenge for the writers and artists of the books involved was to tell a story without using any words, only art. Each issue included a partial script of the issue at the end, to better inform the reader of what happened in the issue.

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  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 39 was originally solicited as Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 36. However, the events of September 11th, 2001, lead Marvel to scuttle those plans, turning #36 into a tribute issue and pushing the 'Nuff Said issue to #39.
  • 'Nuff Said's origins hail back to GI Joe 12, which was an entirely silent issue starring Snake Eyes. The comic would revisit it a few times and is even parodied in an issue of Deadpool.

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