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The (Really) Mindless Ones were almost-humanoid beings that lived in the Not-too-bright dimension (also known as the Dimly-Lit-Dimension-That-Didn't-Pay-Its-Light-Bill), serving their master Doormammoomoo to the extent of their limited mental skills.[1]

At some point, the (Really) Mindless One shared a holiday moment with Klea at the beaches of Raggadorr. Klea took pictures of this event, and later tried to show them to Doctor Deranged.[2]

Later, Doctor Deranged invaded the Dimly-Lit-Dimension-That-Didn't-Pay-Its-Light-Bill searching for his lost apprentice Klea. He fought the (Really) Mindless Ones casting one spell after another until he found one that could get rid of them; but in the process he also called the attention of Doormammoomoo. Deranged mentioned that Doormammoomoo's head was on fire, and Doormammoomoo ran scared, with two (Really) Mindless Ones trying to help him with buckets full of water.[1]

Powers and Abilities


They can resist several spells including the cold spell, the hot spell and the hovering hoops of Hula.[1]


They lack mind, watch constant TV and support Dan Quayle for president. The spell known as the Crimson Band of Cincinnati makes them dance and gets rid of them.[1]





At least 5


Cultural Traits

Couch potato and politically-minded (weird that they are so involved with U.S. Presidency when they live in a different dimension and they support their own despot there).[1]

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