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Brute was a very old military robot still running on binary processors. After being discarded in favor of new models, he and other obsolete mechs settled on a planet that they made their home where they lived peacefully. The planet was found by a group of scavengers and they abducted four of the robots, intending to reprogram them and put them back into circulation.

Brute sought Cosmo's help in Knowhere, and he enlisted the services of Rocket Raccoon. With Brute's help, Rocket investigated and learned that robots were going to be auctioned off on Baxter Prime, a satellite moon near Knowhere. The following day, the duo found the auction and Brute intercepted it much to Rocket's chagrin, since he wanted to make a plan. Brute rallied his fellow mechs against its captors, and emerged victorious after an hour-long battle. Afterward, Rocket parted ways with the robots. Brute and his friends returned to Knowhere, and Cosmo helped them return home.[1]


  • Brute only speaks in zeroes and ones, so his name is technically "01100010 01110010 01110101 01110100 01100101," which is binary for "brute."[1]

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