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Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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  • Iron Manites


  • Worldship

Synopsis for 1st story

The future...

The Guardians of the Galaxy are ambushed by the traitorous Major Victory, now a Herald of Silver Galactus, and a bunch of Punisher Robots in Asgard, now abandoned by the gods and overgrown by Yggdrasil. As the Guardians fight off their enemies, Astro summons more and more Punisher Robots, overwhelming the team, leading Gamora to command Groot to use the overgrown Yggdrasil to defeat them. Contacted by his master, Astro leaves the scene, but not without telling the Guardians his destination: Knowhere.

As the Guardians try to return to their base, they discover they cannot teleport back anymore, finding out that Astro attracted them to Asgard to distract them while Silver Galactus was attacking Knowhere. Meanwhile, in Knowhere, Silver Galactus uses his spaceship to invade Knowhere's central nervous system. Surprised by Galactus' attack, Cosmo initiates the emergency locking protocols, teleporting all of Knowhere's inhabitants to a special necklace he's wearing, keeping them safe while he tries to reactivate the station's portal to bring back the Guardians. Cosmo's confronted by Astro, who tells him that Silver Galactus plans to use the Continuum Cortex to have access to all worlds in all universes from all realities to devour them, and then proceed to knock Cosmo out.

Before long, the Guardians finally get back to Knowhere, wondering how they got there, but soon they turn their attention to the colossal Devourer of Worlds. While Iron Man (actually Tony Stark's consciousness downloaded in nanite form) send his "Iron Manites" (nanites Iron Men) to try to stop Silver Galactus of taking control of Knowhere's Continuum Cortex, Gamora organizes the rest of the team to draw the giant attention. Drax then shoots him, but only get the attention of his herald, Vance Astro. A huge battle between him and the Guardians ensues and Astro is defeated.

After his servant defeat, Silver Galactus decides to act and confront the Guardians. Iron Man tried to reactivate Knowhere's dormant brain, so it could defend itself against Galactus' invasion, but failed. Cosmo then reappears, explaining that Iron Man didn't succeed in reactivating the Celestial because he needed Cosmo's psychic trigger to align to his Iron Manites' wake alert to do so. Together, they succeed in reactivating Knowhere, thwarting Silver Galactus' plans.

Enraged by his defeat, Silver Galactus prepares himself to punish the Guardians for their defiance, but he's backstabbed (literally) by his herald, Vance Astro, who, glad for finally having put Galactus to sleep, explains it was hard to cheat someone who has Cosmic Awareness. He then reveals he was the one who reactivated the Continuum Cortex to bring the Guardians back to Knowhere in time to stop Silver Galactus and takes off his mask, revealing himself to actually be the until then believed to be dead Peter Quill the Legendary Star-Lord.

Solicit Synopsis

Just in time for the release of their SEVENTH epic motion picture, the Guardians of the Galaxy are celebrating their 100th Anniversary... by taking on the THE SILVER GALACTUS!


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 7 is Marvel's joke saying that by 2061 there will be seven movies, one every 6-7 years.

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