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Foreigner started a club of assassins called the 1400 Club. The CIA, FBI, and most government agencies throughout the world are not aware of the Foreigner's existence or that of his organization.

In an attempt to impress the Foreigner and become a member of the organization, the assassin Sabretooth volunteered to kill the thief known as the Black Cat.[1]

The Foreigner hired Blaze to fire-bomb the Black Cat's apartment.[2] Foreigner's agents were responsible for the death of Ned Leeds.[3]

Foreigner worked alongside Black Cat in order to destroy Spider-Man, but it was later revealed he planned to recruit Spider-Man to the organization as a assassin.[4]

Foreigner hired Death Squad to kill Betty Brant Leeds, who was seeking to expose the Foreigner's role in her husband's death.[5]

Blood Rose hired Foreigner's organization to bring down the remnants of the Kingpin's empire, who recruited Cyber-Hunters and the New Enforcers.[6]

Justin Hammer turned the 1400 Club against him, and the organization was destroyed,[7] but Foreigner reformed the organization.[8]


There may be a more secretive society within the 1400 Club called the 100 Club[9], however this has never been expanded upon and may be a deception on the part of the Foreigner, or a misprint on the part of the writer/artists.

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