The following timeline describes the major events of Earth-616 in the 17th century of the Marvel Universe Timeline.

17th century

In 1620 A.D., the Pilgrims a group of English settlers who were fleeing the volatile political environment in England travelled aboard the Mayflower, from Plymouth to the New World.At least one member of the Clan Akkaba was on board the ship.[1]

Another Pilgrim ship the Pandora was across the Atlantic Ocean to restart in the New World. One day their ship was swept in a whirlpool that was also a portal into the Negative Zone. They have spent the centuries fighting Annihilus whom they view as the literal Biblical Devil.[2]

In the 1600s', New Amsterdam was settled by Dutch immigrants. These immigrants were greeted by time traveler Wolf Turber a robot from the future of Earth-TRN215 who sought to conquer the Earth. He attempted to subvert the Dutch immigrants in 1649 to his cause, but they saw through his duplicity and chased him away The province would remain a Dutch possession until 1674 when it came under control of the English and renamed New York named for the Duke of York, later King James II of England.[3]

In 1640, A.D., he was assassinated with a dagger by the time-displaced Helmut Zemo, his distant descendant. Hackett Zemo tried to have time traveling Helmut Zemo killed out of revenge for killing his father.[4]

In 1649, A.D. Oliver Cromwell led the English Army into Ireland forcing them under British rule. This lasted all the way until the 20th Century.[5]

The Clan Akkaba settled in London using the growing empire to influence the world had the mission of safeguarding the legacies and mantras of their lord and ancestor. They even had a member aboard the Mayflower's voyage to the New World.[1]

Hilliard Zemo asa a young man, Hilliard was in love with a jewish girl named Elsbeth Kleinenshvitz. Elsbeth's family had been merchants who served the Barony since its inception. When Hilliard's father, Hartwig, died the Barony passed to him. Hilliard's advisors feared the Kleinenshvitz family was growing too wealthy and too powerful and were a threat to the Barony. Hilliard urged Elsbeth to flee the country, but she refused. Hilliard's men slaughtered the Kleinenshvitz family save for a pregnant Elsbeth who was saved by a time traveling Helmut Zemo.Hilliard never knew that Elsbeth survived and had his child. Their unnamed child was the ancestor of a woman named Miss Klein who was killed by Wendell Volker in the present. Hilliard later married an Austrian girl named Gretchen and fathered Hoffman.

Dracula traveled to the New World, where he was drawn to a girl in Salem, Massachusetts. When the girl was killed by a jealous Puritan, Dracula used hypnosis on the slave Tituba, initiating the chain of events that would lead to the Salem witch trials.[6]

Several heroes from the modern day, including Spider-Man, were transported to the time of the trials by the time-traveling Dark Rider, but were unable to stop the Dark Rider in time to attempt to prevent the hanging of the trials' victims.[7]

Alternate Realities

1602 Universe (Earth-311)

Earth-311 actually began in an alternate future reality designated Earth-460. Purple Man sent Captain America sent into the past of Earth-616. Captain America found himself in North America during the 16th Century shortly before the Europeans founded the Roanoke colony. For reasons unknown, the Captain's arrival caused the early creation of other heroes and villains and the subsequent destabilization of reality. Following the split, Earth-311 was kept within a jewel by Uatu the Watcher.