The following timeline describes the major events of Earth-616 in the 18th century of the Marvel Universe Timeline.

18th century

Using the Time platform Doctor Doom sent the Fantastic Four back the the 18th Century to recover Blackbeard's chest. As they adventured on the hire seas looking for Blackbeard they find a ship that contains a chest. While hauling a treasure chest out of the hold, the crew hailed Ben as "Blackbeard". Reed emptied the chest, reminding Johnny that they only promised to bring back Blackbeard's chest, not the treasure itself, and he replaces the treasure with chains. On deck, they realized that Ben is the Blackbeard of legend. He refused to return with them, ordering the crew to douse Johnny, wrap Reed in a sail, and set them adrift in a lifeboat. Before they can launch the boat, though, a huge waterspout struck the ship and destroyed it. Reed and Johnny made it to shore, where they find Ben and the chest. The time platform appeared and they returned home.[1]

Events occurred that inspired Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, although the Earth-616's version of Frankenstein's Monster is a generally heroic rather than the somewhat amoral character of the novel.[2]

The Hellfire Club began in London as a social club for the wealthy British social elite in the 1760's as a way to provide its members with pleasures that often defied the moral standards of the time and to allow members to consolidate their influence over British economic and political matters.[3]

Fiona married in 1707 and had three daughters. Her husband died five years later, and she soon remarried to another man and had three other daughters before he died in 1718. She remarried in 1720 to a third and had a seventh daughter.[4] Ogun, believed to be a mutant, was, according to some reports, alive in the early part of the 17th century.[5]

In 1754, A.D. Hartwig Zemo battled during the 7 Years War and was killed during the conflict. Hartwig pledged his army to the service of the Imperial Diet. More of his men were killed in the war than any other noblemen's armies in Germany.[6]

In 1780 A.D., Fiona Knoblach had around twenty grandchildren and sixty great-grandchildren, mostly girls.[4]

Elias Bogan was rumored to be alive in the 1780's.[7]

The Clan Akkaba were active in France during the French Revolution.[8];

American Revolutionary War began and they lost the 13 colonies that formed their own independent nation, the United States of America. They became an independent nation in 1776 A.D.[9][10]

In 1774 A.D., religious scholar; Alessandro Di Cagliostro was searching for the secret of immortality. Cagliostro learned the location of the 'Book of Sins', the Darkhold. The Lord of Vampires, Dracula, was then the latest owner. Cagliostro managed to steal the book from the gypsy who the had been sent to the Vatican by Dracula, and earned the vampire's enmity. From the Darkhold, Cagliostro learned the secrets that would enable him to make an elixir of immortality, but needed exotic components unavailable to him.[11]

In 1782 A.D. , Tiresias crashed at Mozart's place during the time "Die Entführung aus dem Serail" had just opened with rave review. She enjoyed his many parties.[12]

In 1789 A.D., the Vatican ordered the arrest of Alessandro Di Cagliostro on the grounds that Freemasonry was a heresy, and he was imprisoned in the Castle of San Leo near Montefeltro. He was reputed to have died in 1795 in a cell in Italy's papal states, but in reality Cagliostro had at some point left to continue his unending quest for occult power.[13]

In the late 18th century Jonas Graymalkin was born. At the age of sixteen, he realized he was gay. Meeting another boy in his family's barn one day, he was discovered by his father, a religious man, who believed his son to be an abomination, a spawn of the devil. Beating Jonas nearly to death, his father then sought to bury him alive in the nearby woods. This burial triggered his mutant powers, allowing him to survive some 200 years underground before being unearthed in the modern era.[14]


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