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Synopsis for "Who Are the Marvels?"

Violent Spree by Wing-Footed, Aquatic Man[]

By John Rhett Thomas

Authorities report a brazen attack on the salvage ship S.S. Recovery and the Cape Anna Lighthouse. Eyewitnesses from the Recovery and a Coast Guard pilot testified of being attacked by a lone man clad in green swimming trunks with astonishing strength and the power of flight. He was seen with a young girl and it is unclear if she is a hostage or a willing accomplice. The intrigue began two nights ago, when the man sunk the Recovery and killing two crew members. Shortly thereafter, the man attacked lighthouse keeper, Randall Smith, before flying away just as the East Hampton police arrived on the scene.

Human Torch Returns, Creator Missing[]

By Dugan Trodglen

Professor Phineas Horton has gone missing after his home and laboratory was burned down. It is alleged that Horton became the victim of his own creation, the android called the Human Torch. The android had been buried underground after Horton unveiled it to an astonished group of journalists and fellow scientists. An investigation is underway of how the Human Torch escaped.

The Human Torch is also believed to have been responsible for the death of crime boss Anthony Sardo and his associates after his home was burned to the ground. Officials of the New York Police Department have no comments on Sardo's death, but will address the threat of the Human Torch.

Angel, Scourge of Crime, Goes on Record[]

By John Rhett Thomas

The vigilante known as the Angel gives an exclusive interview with the Daily Bugle in the hopes of helping the good people of New York City to understand his motives while in the middle of a one-man dragnet to bring justice to a group of mobsters, the "Six Big Men." The Angel was responsible for the deaths of three of the "Six Big Men" (Mike Malone, Gus Ronson, and John Dillon) who remained out of reach of the law despite alleged activities involving protection rackets and gambling enterprises.

Their deaths took place after the mayor impaneled a group of concern citizens to advise him on staunching the recent crime wave. Among the panel is Dr. Horace Lang, who took advantage of the services of the Angel to take out the seemingly untouchable. When the Angel is asked on Lang's appraisal of him, he gives his thanks for Lang and others for recognizing his intentions and gives his support in Lang and the mayor's efforts. For now, the Angel will continue his crusade against the remaining members of the "Six Big Men."

NYPD Graduates Woman Cadet[]

By Dugan Trodglen

The New York Police Department is welcoming its first policewoman on the force, Betty Dean of Rochester. Betty Dean has graduated near the top of her class in the police academy of 1937 with excellence in marksmanship, running, interrogations and other skills related to personal interactions with suspects, witnesses or victims.

In the past two years Betty has made a name of herself with her tough-gal attitude and no-nonsense approach to crime fighting. After attending New York University, Betty chose to become a police officer much like her father and grandfather rather than becoming a grammar school teacher. Despite of her gender, Betty Dean managed to reach her dreams.

Cross-Border "Creature" At Canadian Border[]

By J.C. York

Border officials in Cape Vincent, NY have reported several nighttime encounters with a short, stocky man sneaking back and forth on the Canada–United States border. Initially the man is believed to be a smuggler, but his multiple appearances and demeanor have led officials to believe the man has a larger agenda. Since Canada's recent entry into the war with Germany, the border-jumper is suspected by Cape Vincent officials to be a spy or saboteur due to reported break-ins at three military facilities in upstate New York.

The border agents who encountered the border-jumper describe him behaving like a animal. The man was also spotted at a bar fight in Syracuse that left two alleged gangsters dead. According to eyewitnesses, the man fought "like an animal, clawing at the men" with "wrist-mounted knives."

Unidentified Floating Man in Times Square[]

By Jess Harrold

Police are baffled by eyewitness reports of an armored man floating on an invisible chair in Times Square. The man was hovering in front of a neon cola sign in broad daylight until he disappeared before the police reached the scene. There had been several more sightings of the floating man. While the NYPD has no official comment, Captain Philip De Wolff has dismiss the sightings of the floating man as a case of imaginations running wild. He reasoned that the people are overexcited by the recent cases of vigilante heroes and flying men.

However, mailman William Lumpkin is adamant that he encountered the floating man, who was watching the people for at least ten minutes before enigmatically stating "not of a challenge yet" and disappeared. Though not every bystander was impressed by the mysterious stranger, as hotdog vendor Richie Fisk note that the man was "nothing special" compare to the other bizarre and more outlandish "Marvels."

Steven Rogers Wins C.A.P. Arts Award[]

By Jess Harrold

Coming in first out of more than 1,000 entries, Steve Rogers won the gold medal for the annual Creative Arts Project's prestigious "Artists of the Future" competition, which this year had the topical theme "Dawn of the Marvels." Entrants had to design their own comic book heroes, and produce five pages of them in action. Rogers won with his patriotic-soldier-turned-superhero, The Sentinel of Liberty, in battle with his arch-foe, the man-without-a-country named The Nomad. In addition, Rogers wins a week of access to the offices of competition sponsor Timely Publications, and a year subscription to Timely's brand new comic title, Marvel Comics.

PAL Fundraiser Scheduled For Saturday[]

By Dugan Trodglen

The New York Police Athletic League is holding its fall PAL fundraiser/exhibition at their youth facility on 43rd Street. Director Jason Morgan is quick to remind readers that the PAL is to help these young men (some of whom nearly failing out of school) to get a good education and achieve as much as they can in life. One confident youth attending the fundraiser is Nicholas Fury, who wanted to become a "man of action" by joining the army and after that he is "going to the do things most people only read about."

"Flying Saucers" Sighting Worry New Jersey Town[]

By J.C. York

In Morristown, New Jersey, residents have recently reported a rash of sightings of a large metallic object flying through the New Jersey skies. Speculation immediately ran to some sort of small Zeppelin, but there are no landing strips for cumbersome vehicles in the area, and eyewitnesses state that the vehicle's speed outpaces that of a airship. Local police and military officials report that they will look into the sightings, but deny any involvement and declined to make any further statements.

Descriptions of the craft match those recorded by prison officials and policemen four years ago in upstate New York, during a prison breakout by convicted killer and mobster John "Machine Gun" Martin. Police witnessed the craft before it took off "at fantastic speed." Martin was never found and is wildly speculated to have been abducted by the craft. Over the years dime-novel science-fiction stories of spacecraft and "moon-men" have risen in popularity, and has become more fanciful explanations for the craft's origins.

Long time Morristown resident Douglas Errol attest that the craft was alien in origin after having saw the craft landing in his neighbor's backyard, and a "little green man" emerged from the craft and transformed into the shape of his neighbor, Ruby Tucker. However, Errol's credibility was dismissed by Morristown's city council and was cited for public drunkenness. The "saucer" has not been seen for the last two nights. When the Daily Bugle reporter returned to Errol's home for his opinions on the craft's absence, Errol was unable to be located. It is assumed that Errol had left town to visit relatives and calm his nerves.

Wild West Exhibit Comes to Manhattan[]

By John Rhett Thomas

The Sons of Stagecoach Gap, a historical society from Dodge City, Kansas, is hosting a Wild West exhibit at the Met. Called America's Marvels of the Old West, the showcases will include cowboys and gunslingers, with a special focus on four of the most famous, Kid Colt, the Two-Gun Kid, the Rawhide Kid, and the Masked Raider. The exhibit will include armaments, the outfits, the horse tack, the historic legacy of the cowboys, and vintage newspaper articles. Among the most impressive feature of the exhibit is an authentic 20 feet tall totem, the "Terrible Totem," rumored to have gone on a rampage of destruction near Abilene, Texas.

Van Dyne Unveils Latest Line[]

By Sheila Johnson

Textile magnate Blaine Van Dyne is hosting a fashion show at the Hotel Winchester. The line of dresses are tailored capes, elegant shawls, and sleek hats that are designed to "repel rain, hail, bullets of a certain caliber, and electromagnetic radiation." Although the look of the line was conceived by designer Amelia Van Dyne, the material used to make the pieces was created with the help of Blaine Van Dyne's brother, research scientist Vernon van Dyne. Blaine Van Dyne plans to show the outwear to prospective clients: the wives of senators, representatives, and foreign diplomats. He also hoped to that orders would be placed even though researchers were still trying to fix the fabric's design: long term resistance to moths and other insects.

Walker Beats Out Wolfe For Pageant Crown[]

Huntsford Fine Butcher and Delicatessen held its annual competition, the Little Miss Brisket Pageant, in search of the next darling face to sell its choice cuts. The pageant was won by 14-year-old Patsy Walker, who performed a gymnastic routine, over her competitor Hedy Wolfe, who performed a rendition of "America the Beautiful" and became first runner-up. Miss Walker's prize winnings were five dollars and a pound of brisket delivered to her family's home once a month for the next year.

Hanover Agency Puts Out Talent Call[]

By John Rhett Thomas

The Hanover Agency is holding an open call for models at their Garment District headquarters to fill a wide range of modelling personnel needs. Specifically for a "versatile girl" who can display the essence of any outfit with minimal effort. Talent scout Ruth Atkinson has her eyes on Little Miss Brisket Pageant winner and runner-up, Patsy Walker and Hedy Wolfe. But the real attention is focus on a young runner-up named Millicent Collins.

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