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Synopsis for "The Capture of X-51!"

Dr. Broadhurst decides to terminate his robotics project as too many of the thinking machines are suffering an existential crisis and lashing out violently. X-1 through X-50 are destroyed by triggering the explosive device embedded within them but Abel Stack removes Aaron Stack's device as he has grown to love Aaron as a son. X-51 has solved the secret of anti-gravity propulsion and takes his leave, unaware of the bomb's detonation killing Abel. Aaron is soon taken captive by soldiers using sonic weaponry under the command of Col. Kragg who has lost an eye to these creature's rampages. The monolith appears and releases X-51 from his bonds.


  • Although the 2001: A Space Odyssey series takes place outside standard Earth-616 continuity, Mister Machine, aka Machine Man will soon become a regularly appearing character in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

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