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Quote1.png This is Agent James Rhodes of Force Works. If anyone is reading this, my team is down. We are in need of assistance. Does anyone copy?! Quote2.png
War Machine

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:


  • A.I. Army
    • Six unnamed StarkTech Model M.S.P.R.S. Assistance Robots (Only appearance; destruction)
    • Unnamed StarkTech Model E.P.R.S. III Technical Robot (Only appearance; destruction)
    • Unnamed StarkTech Model A.C.D.N. XI Medical Robot (Only appearance; destruction)
  • Deathloks (First appearance)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:





Synopsis for 1st story

In the island of Lingares in South America, a group of soldiers searching for a city-sized structure are suddenly vaporized by a flash of light. Meanwhile in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Force Works neutralizes a group of terrorists robots. During the mission, two robots distract the team's field leader War Machine feigning inoffensiveness, self-destructing in an explosion that hospitalizes Force Works agent Gauntlet, which causes Solo to quit. Force Works commander Maria Hill checks on Rhodey and asks him to join a mission to retrieve a missing agent.

Aboard a plane, Quake is being debriefed by Maria Hill through a video call en route to Lingares when the plane is hit by an explosion. Quake falls off the plane but is caught by War Machine. Finding himself unable to take control of the aircraft, the remaining operative, U.S. Agent jumps through the cockpit and uses his shield to break his fall into the jungle. When he lands, Walker is surrounded by local guerilla soldiers and a fight breaks out. One of the soldiers who is wearing a ski mask abruptly turns against the others and fights alongside U.S. Agent, who recognizes her voice. The masked soldier is blasted away by Quake, and she reveals herself to be Mockingbird, the missing agent. She explains that an experimental nuclear weapon has gone off, and is still investigating the situation. Rhodey argues he was only sent to find Mockingbird, but she and U.S. Agent agree they need to continue investigating. All of the sudden, War Machine's sensors detect incoming hostiles. An army of Deathloks come out of the woods and overpower the entire team. As he is being swarmed by these androids, Rhodey sends out an S.O.S.

Solicit Synopsis

The eruption of a violent robot revolution threatens all manner of biological life! Teetering on the precipice of extinction, there’s only one man with enough tactical skill, killer instinct and ruthless leadership to lead the rebellion: War Machine! Join War Machine and his elite paramilitary squad (U.S.Agent, Mockingbird, and Quake) in the final crusade for humanity’s fate!


  • This issue's main cover was recolored between the series' announcement and release. The most notable difference is the change of War Machine's lights from light blue to red.

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