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This is bad.
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Which part?
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U.S. Agent
It's not all bad. We don't have Rhodes acting all superior and barking orders in our ears.
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Jonathan Walker (Earth-616) from Captain America Sam Wilson Vol 1 11 001.jpg
U.S. Agent
...yeah, yeah. That was a bit much, even for me.
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Synopsis for 1st story

The members of Force Works are dragged into a cage by the Deathloks. On their way, Quake and Jim Rhodes, who has been stripped of his War Machine Armor, notice they are passing through a trail of giant footprints. Inside the cage, the heroes encounter the local guerrillas they had previously confronted. From them they learn that a giant creature attacked the island, and a scientist offered them to create the Deathloks as a defense force. The Deathloks were made from fallen countrymen, and once they failed to stop the giant, they turned against normal humans to expand their ranks.

When the Deathloks return for the leader of the guerrillas, Force Works try to defend him, but they are subdued with a paralyzing electric discharge and Rhodey is taken away in his place. Once the shock starts to wear off, Quake tries to access her powers, causing the ground to vibrate. The Deathloks are alerted by a thunderous sound outside and leave. Quake blasts away the walls of the cage, and Force Works discover the source of the rumbling and the footprints, the rampaging alien robot Ultimo. U.S. Agent, Mockingbird, and Quake manage to escort the Deathloks' prisoners to a truck to escape while they try to go back for Rhodey. They are swarmed by Deathloks, and Quake has a brief clash with Ultimo after her vibrations attract his attention.

Rhodey tries to escape from the Deathloks' operating table to no avail, but he's rescued by the mysterious scientist who created the Deathloks. He returns to his teammates, armored up carrying their equipment and saves them from the Deathlok swarm, also introducing them to his rescuer, M.O.D.O.K.

Solicit Synopsis

• War Machine, U.S.Agent, Mockingbird and Quake have joined forces to fight against the robots for human survival as Force Works!

• But when the team finds themselves infected by Deathlok technology and turned into robots themselves, will that prime directive stand?

• Or will they find themselves turning coat and bringing about humanity’s end?!

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