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Quote1.png I would appreciate it if you kept property damage to a minimum and depart Madripoor promptly after you conclude your business. Quote2.png
Tyger Tyger

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Synopsis for 1st story

The android modeled after Wolverine, Albert, has arrived at Madripoor to retrieve Elsie-Dee from Donald Pierce. He encounters Tyger Tyger at the Princess Bar, but they are interrupted by Yakuza members on behalf of the Oyabun Kimura, who intends to extract revenge for the death of Dai Kumo, mistaking Albert for the real Wolverine. After Albert kills the Yakuza, Tyger Tyger provides him with the address to Pierce's Reavers Universal Robotics.

When Albert arrives at R.U.R. in Hightown, Pierce converses peacefully with him until he reveals he has disassembled Elsie-Dee and sold her components. Albert shakes off Pierce's guards, and Piece tells him where he has sold her parts. Albert retrieves her head, which is responsive, from Kimura at the Sovereign Hotel, her arms from the Jade Dragon Triad in Lowtown, and the rest of her body from the Vladivostok Mafia at Club Azimut. Elsie-Dee is fully reassembled, but as she and Albert set out to leave the country, all the four criminal enterprises that Albert aggravated are preparing to intercept him before he can do so.

Solicit Synopsis

• In the wake of Arno Stark’s crusade against A.I.s, no robot is safe.

• Fearing of Elsie Dee’s safety in these tumultuous times, Albert, the robot Wolverine, goes to Madripoor to find her…

• …but what he finds is a fight against Madripoor’s criminal underbelly instead!


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