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Synopsis for 1st story

Donald Pierce and Reavers head to the Madripoor International Airport to intercept Albert and Elsie-Dee since it's the only point of exit from Madripoor. Meanwhile, the two fugitives pass through the Vladivostok Mafia's territory, ravaging the Karamazov Brothers and their forces. They next reach a roadbloack in the Jade Dragon Triad's territory, but easily break through them.

Riding a Jade Dragon bus, Albert and Elsie-Dee reach another roadbloack set up by Kimura and the Yakuza. They crash through the roadblock, and attack Kimura's forces. Kimura himself interrupts the confrontation to challenge Albert on his own to stop his soldiers from fighting on his behalf, promising no interference and no revenge if he loses. Impressed by Kimura's honor, Albert suggests to find a way to resolve the grudge without fighting. After Elsie-Dee ensures she has erased Kimura's bookkeeping data from her system, Kimura faciliates the androids' departure, and they escape aboard an alleged shipment of slot machine parts, successfully evading Pierce.

Solicit Synopsis

Murder in Madripoor!

• Albert may have recovered Elsie-Dee, but the bloodshed isn’t over yet…

• When the two androids attempt to get revenge, they’ll find that their enemies aren’t the only things at risk for permanent deletion!

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