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The Walker Family Home is a traditional Colonial style two-story four bedroom house located at 23 Mill Road, Centerville, California.[1][2][3]

Dorothy and Joshua Walker raised their two children (Patsy and Mickey) here until their divorce. began publishing a series of comics based on her daughter and friends.[1][2][3][4]

Points of Interest

  • First Floor
    • Entrance Hall and Stairs
    • Living Room
    • Breakfast Room
    • Kitchen
    • "Family" Room
    • Dining Room
  • Second Floor
    • Mom and Dad's Master Bedroom
      • Master Bathroom
    • Bathroom
    • Mickey's Room
    • Patsy's Room
    • Guest Room


Former Residents


  • The address to Patsy's childhood home was revealed on the letterhead of Patsy's stationary in Patsy and Hedy #98.

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