Personality #302 was used by Legion and Malcolm Melton to help capture Time-Sink, one of his other personas that went rogue. He typed the number into his Neural Switchboard which activated through his thalamus the rapid punching ability to move quicker so Time-Sink couldn't shift his attacks into the future or past.
302 (Legion Personality) (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 251 002

Personality #302 on switchboard.

But this left David open for Time-Sink to stab him with a knife, which created a blindspot for Rogue to grab Time-Sink and knock him out, allowing Legion to reabsorb him back into his mind.[1]

This persona was then used again when Rogue touched Legion to use it to knock out him and Magneto during a scuffle they had.[2]


Supersonic Speed/Reflexes: 302 was able to create bursts of supersonic speeds that trigger sonic booms as he strikes his targets physically like rapid punches.

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