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The Yorkes become stranded in the 1980s when the 4-D Time Portico fails

Heroine travels back to warn the Runaways

The 4-D Time Portico is the time machine previously owned by Dale and Stacey Yorkes,[1] who used it to travel through time stealing rare and exotic artifacts to sell.[2][1]

Due to malfunctioning, the Yorkes were briefly stranded in the 1980s where the Gibborim summoned them. When the Yorkes were recruited to The Pride, they began using the 4-D Time Portico for serving the Gibborim.[2]

The Yorkes used the 4-D Time Portico to travel to the 87th Century to commission Old Lace to be engineered to protect their daughter, Gertrude Yorkes.[2] Though later the machine was broken again and stored in the Pride's lair beneath the La Brea Tar Pits.[3]

With help from Iron Woman, Heroine repaired the portico to travel back to warn the Runaways about Victorious.[3]

During their trip to 1907, the Runaways encountered younger versions of the Yorkes with a working portico. Chase Stein stole the machine to travel back in time and save Gert,[4] but see her younger and blissfully unaware of their parents evil, he decided to allow her to remain in the past. However, he did return to his father's workshop to steal a new set of Fistigons and X-Ray Specs.[5]

Chase Stein was eventually able to get the 4-D Time Portico working again long enough to retrieve a dying Gert Yorkes for the burning Griffith Observatory. However, the Time Portico broke during the trip to the present.[6]


Chase Stein recognizes his father's work on the overdrive

A smaller version of this device was created by the Yorkes and Steins to be installed in the Leapfrog. These small devices would allow for quick getaways, but did not have the same capacity as the large machine as it could only travel approximately 50 years in time.[7]

As a safety precaution, the Yorkes hid these overdrives in several different locales and in several different eras.[7]

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