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On the step of the 42nd Street library, the Everyman was confronted by the police.[1]

On the corner of 42nd and Madison, Jonathan Storm decided to find a job in the FDNY.[2]

Outside the 42nd subway station, Reed Richards was approached by Hammerhead.[3]

On the corner of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) fought against a swarm of Octobots with the Fantastic Four.[4]

Lash and Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara)'s battle for the cocoon housing Rhonda Fleming spilled out from the Baxter Building onto 42nd Street. Eventually, Lash teleported them to Mount Nyiragongo.[5]

Sonny Frisco was chased out of the Baxter Building and onto 42nd Street by Electro. He was prevented from killed Sonny by Spider-Man, who used wooden shields to negate his powers and capture Electro.[6]

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42nd Street from Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales 001

A portion of 42nd Street was renamed Boseman Way.[7]


42nd Street from What If? Vol 1 43 001

Earth-84243's 42nd Street

A fugitive Conan survived in the 42nd Street alleyways, beginning a thieving career of petty crimes.[8]

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