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Appearing in "The Stuff of Nightmares: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "The Stuff of Nightmares: Part 2"

The Psycho-Man has attacked the city and chaos is everywhere. Psycho-Man's abilities allow him to control the actions and emotions of others, now on a city-wide power level. A cop opens fire on a crowd for no reason, a high school student stabs his best friend to death in science class, and other acts of hysteria.

Oh, also the sun is gone. It's just an illusion, as explained by Reed, but that isn't helping calm the people on the streets. Riots and looting are about to start when Reed gets an idea on how they can inspire the people. He calls Johnny on his phone and tells him to light up the streets with the FF symbol in the sky.

Sue goes off on her own to test a theory. She thinks her powers may be able to counteract Psycho-Man's. Ben is fighting the stone lions in front of the New York City library. Reed is doing some research that he thinks will help defeat Psycho-Man.

Invisible Woman finds her way in to a subway tunnel. She finds that she can trap Psycho-Man's energy, which he's blanketed the city with, in a force bubble and blast it in to the sky. The threat seems to have been calmed, but the city is in half destroyed at this point.

In the meantime, Reed tracks the Psycho-Man's location down to the Baxter Building. The FF suit up for the first time since their eviction and bankruptcy to go face him.


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