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Quote1.png We are who we are, Reed. The Fantastic Four. Rich or poor... On Earth or in space... In Gap clothes or our blue jumpsuits... Quote2.png
Invisible Woman

Appearing in "The Stuff of Nightmares: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Stuff of Nightmares: Part 3"

The Fantastic Four are pursuing the Psycho-Man who has used his powers to plunge the city of New York into utter chaos. He's attacking the city from the Baxter Building. The Fantastic Four storm the building, but Reed is attacked by a Psycho-Man exoskeleton before they even get inside. Reed encourages the others to press on without him.

Torch flies ahead to clear a path, separating from the group and playing right in to Psycho-Man's plans. Starting with Torch, Psycho-Man begins picking the team apart one by one, delving in to their minds and playing on their fears and insecurities. When the Psycho-Man believes he has the Invisible Woman alone. But it turns out that the "Invisible Woman" is actually Alicia Masters in disguise. When the Psycho-Man fails to twist her emotions with hallucinations don't work, Sue makes herself visible. She then realises that the Psycho-Man is dying and that he is trying to get his final revenge against her before he dies. However while she distracts him, she has cut off his wind pipe with her powers causing him to eventually pass out from lack of oxygen.

Later, on the rooftop, now that the Fantastic Four have saved the city, Susan encourages Reed to renegotiate terms with the mayor's office and invent some new stuff to start rebuilding their fortune. Reed agrees and it ends with the feeling that things are going to go back to normal.


Continuity Notes

  • The Psycho-Man and Sue have a sordid history. He emotionally tortured her from Fantastic Four #280284 which ended with Sue torturing Psycho-Man to the point of catatonia.
  • The Fantastic Four lost their fortune and were evicted from their headquarters between 4 #14.

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