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Mister Fantastic

Appearing in "Divine Time: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Divine Time: Part 1"

The Fantastic Four are attending Franklin's baseball championship game. He struggles at first, but ends up hitting the game winning home run. However because of the focus he has maintained, Franklin's powers cause eight minutes to suddenly disappear. Unaware of this, the team return to the Baxter Building to celebrate with a pizza party. The party is later interrupted when Reed gets a call from Time Variance Authority's Mr. Mobius. He explains that due to the missing eight minutes of time time anomalies popping up all over the country.

Reed is hesitant to leave his son's party as he's trying to be more attentive to his family, but given the severity of the situation, he decides to help. Franklin is upset that the team is going to disappear after promising to celebrate his big victory. However Reed informs Franklin that they will be travelling through the time stream and that when they return home only a minute will have gone by. Franklin is left in the care of HERBIE, who is asked to try and reach Crystal on the Moon and have Valeria brought back to Earth.

While the Fantastic Four begin searching for the missing eight minutes of time, something goes wrong and the Time-Platform shatters, sending them flying into points unknown. Back in present day New York, HERBIE and Franklin count down the seconds until the Fantastic Four return. When the time is up, the Time-Platform activates, however instead of his family, Franklin is shocked to find a man in ancient Egyptian clothing who informs Franklin that his parents died thousands of years in the past. Elsewhen, Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Thing revive to find themselves trapped in Ancient Egypt, and that Johnny is missing.


Continuity Notes

  • Mister Fantastic says it's been a "long time" since he talked with the Time Variance Authority. The last time he interacted with them was in Fantastic Four #352354. It has been roughly three years between these events, per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

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