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Quote1.png The paradox of time's can stir cream into coffee, but you can't unstir cubes melt, but they don't unmelt... Quote2.png
Nathaniel Richards

Appearing in "Divine Time: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Divine Time: Part 4"

Escaping into the time stream after getting stranded in a future where Doctor Doom rules the Earth, Johnny is on his way back to the present alongside the adult version of Valeria. However, Valeria was seriously injured fighting Doom and now as they venture back into the present she begins to fade away. As she disappears, Valeria tells Johnny to stop Ramades, who is taking over his era, and set things right. Johnny then appears in his own time, he appears over the rest of the Fantastic Four in a battle with the armies of Ramades. As the time machine crashes into the ground, Johnny is saved thanks to Sue putting an invisible force field around him.

As the team battles the armies, Mister Fantastic and his father Nathaniel battle Ramades himself. Although Reed gets the drop on Ramades, he is quickly frozen with prehistoric ice. While Johnny works to free Reed, the others attack Ramades who responds by summoning Nazi soldiers, Dinosaurs, and ancient mummies to battle them. Nathaniel takes this as an opportunity to enact his plan and teleports away in a time portal, leading Sue to believe that he is betraying him. He appears inside the hotel where Franklin and HERBIE have found the missing eight minutes of time that started this crisis. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Foru continue their battle against Ramades. Even using his powers to revert Ben back to his human form doesn't stop the Fantastic Four from battling him.

Suddenly, Nathaniel reappears with Frankin and HERBIE and the missing eight minutes of time. Nathaniel has the time placed atop HERBIE's head and instructs Franklin to strike it at Ramades with his baseball bat. Ramades is struck by this ball of missing time allowing the Time Variance Authority to trap him in an infinite loop of those eight minutes. With Ramades defeated the TVA is able to reset the time-stream so that the invasion of Ramades never happened. That evening, Johnny is watching baby Valeria sleep and tells Sue that she will grow up to be a wonderful woman. When Sue asks what he saw when he was separated from them, he refuses to say. Meanwhile, Nathaniel is looking over his son's lab and Reed offers him the opportunity to stay and live with his family. However, Nathaniel declines the offer, telling his son that the opportunity to do has has long passed. As Reed objects to this, Nathaniel activatse his time portal and disappears, leaving his son alone in his lab.

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