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Quote1.png that perhaps we should hold out for a better offer----from, say, a major motion picture studio like Fox. Quote2.png
Sue Richards

Appearing in "Inhumane Part 1: Runaways"

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Synopsis for "Inhumane Part 1: Runaways"

Within the city of Attilan on the moon, the Inhuman known as Gorgon goes looking for his daughter Alecto, but finds no trace of her. While down below the city, in the domain of the Alpha Primitives, one of the Primitives is looking for one of his own named Reyno. As it turns out, both Alecto and Reynor are stealing a space ship to flee Attilan together as the two are in love, but their romance is forbidden among Inhuman society. Escaping in the ship, the pair wonder where they should go, when Reyno discovers a pamphlet about the Fantastic Four.

Meanwhile, at the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building headquarters in New York, the Invisible Woman meets with members of Fantastic Four Inc, to discuss the issues they are having with the film maker who holds the film rights to their live story. Instead of allowing the rights deal to elapse, the film maker in question has decided to make a direct-to-video version of the film in order to hold onto them, a prospect that Sue is not impressed with. Suddenly the meeting is interrupted by HERBIE who warns her, the only member of the team on site, that there is a ship approaching the Baxter Building that refuses to listen to their hails. Sue ends the meeting to learn about the situation. As the ship rapidly approaches their headquarters, Sue tries to contact them and decides to open the doors when she hears the frightened voices of children on the other side of the com channel.

Meeting Alecto and Rayno and hearing that they need the Fantastic Four's help, Sue contacts Reed and tells him what's going on. Reed and Ben are at the bottom of the ocean, and Reed convinces her to contact the Inhumans before he suddenly has to go and stop a massive sea creature from eating him and Ben. In the kitchen, Franklin is with the two refugees from Attilan talking about the Terrigenisis process, which Franklin did a school project on. When he tells them how cool he thinks it is that they can change, Aleco and Reyno point out that it is actually quite horrifying as not everyone is given the choice. Elsewhere, Sue is in the process of contacting Medusa when suddenly there is an explosion that comes from the kitchen. Rushing to the children's aid, she find Gorgon trying to forcibly collect his daughter.

While Sue and HERBIE keep Gorgon at bay, the three children manage to escape to the roof. With nowhere else to go, Alecto decices that their only means of escape would be to fly. Removing her shirt, Aleco reveals that she has wings that can fold into her shoulder blades allowing her to fly.


Continuity Notes

  • Sue states that the film rights to the Fantastic Four were purchased from the Sub-Mariner. Namor and his SM Studios originally purchased the rights to the Fantastic Four way back in Fantastic Four #9. She also seems to mention that this wouldn't be the first low budget Fantastic Four movie to be made as a second film was in production as seen in Fantastic Four Annual #12.


  • Sue's comments about the direct-to-video film about the team is likely a reference the real life film rights woes that have plagued the Fantastic Four franchise. Originally these rights were held by low budget filmmaker Roger Corman. When the rights were about to be lost in the 90s, Corman produced a low budget film in 1994 which was never released. Later these film rights were transferred to 20th Century Fox who have made three different films.

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