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Quote1.png Oh, they were tough, those two children......I'm sure they're all right, Franklin. Quote2.png
Sue Richards

Appearing in "Inhumane Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Inhumane Part 2"

The Inhuman Alecto and her lover the Alpha Primitive Reyno are fleeing from Alecto's father, Gorgon on Earth. Flying away from the Baxter Building, they are joined by Franklin Richards. However the combined weight of both Rayno and Franklin is too much for Alecto to carry. Learning this, Franklin decides to sacrifice himself and lets go. However instead of falling to his death, Franklin is saved in the nick of time by the timely arrival of his father, Mister Fantsatic, and the Thing. Franklin quickly explains that his mother, the Invisible Woman, has been battling Gorgon at the Baxter Building. Rushing back there, they find that Gorgon has lost the battle against Sue. As everyone recovers from the battle's end, the Human Torch returns home with Alecto and Rayno in tow. As the situation is sorted out, Sue refuses to hand over the two escaped children from Attilan against their will. Reed decides that he needs to run some tests to figure out some thing about this development.

Gorgon is imprisoned in a chair that uses force to immobilise him with Sue standing guard. After Sue explains how the device works, Gorgon admits that he acted rashly, but points out that the Inhumans -- particularly Black Bolt and Medusa -- will look at this situation beyond their long standing friendship with the Fantastic Four in order to do what is good for the Inhuman people. Their discussion is interrupted when Mister Fantastic returns to inform them that the tests are done. Brought into the briefing room, it's revealed that Alecto has already been exposed to the Terrigen Mists, but Gorgon wants her to undergo the process again so that she might be turned into a warrior like him. Alecto and Raynor are against this beacuse it will greatly alter Aleco's personality and interfere with their budding romance. Gorgon scoffs at this, pointing out that Alpha Primitives are sexless. However, Reed interjects and informs them that Reyno has somehow developed a gender and that Rayno is a male.

Given the situation, Reed comes to the conclusion that regardless of the circumstances they have no rights over the children or the decisions made for them. In fact he has contact the Inhuman royal family. With the discussion over, the Fantastic Four, Gorgon and the others all go to the hanger room where the royal family teleports in via their dog Lockjaw. As the royal family collects Gorgon and the wayward children, Medusa assures to Sue that they will look after the children before teleporting away. With the Inhumans gone, Sue admits that there was nothing they could do about the situation, but still feels horrible because they came to them for help and there was nothing they could do. Later on, Sue is out getting ice cream with her children. Franklin asks her if Alecto and Rayno are hapy back home, but she is short for an answer.

While on Attilan, Reyno has finally found Alecto who has been evolved into a warrior by the Terrigen Mists. When Rayno tries to get Alecto to talk to him, she tearfully rejects him, telling him the bloodlines must remain pure and tells him not to speak to her again.


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