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Quote1.png I could count on you to protect yourself and the boys. To rescue me and others...I just...I knew. Quote2.png
Reed Richards

Appearing in "The Pine Barrens: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Pine Barrens: Part 3"

In New York City, the Human Torch is celebrating his new job with the New York City Fire Department with his girlfriend Kourtney Keaton, who has returned to New York after her romance with a Hollywood actor fizzled. The two make amends and Johnny talks about his strong connection with his family. The two then cheers each other as the first snow fall of the year begins to fall from the sky.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Fantastic Four are being attacked by aliens while on a camping trip with Franklin and his friends. Mr. Fantastic is infiltrating the alien ship by changing his shape to match theirs. He has found some documentary film-makers in the ship, and is attempting to guide them out. Thing is standing guard in the woods near the ship. Invisible Woman is holed up in a cabin with the children and a local resident, who seems to know something about the aliens.

The ship that Mr. Fantastic and the film-makers are in starts to take off. Thing leaps in to action and grabs the ship. Unfortunately, even he's not strong enough to keep the ship from taking off. Just when it looks like all is lost, Invisible Woman comes out of the woods and helps keep the ship on the ground. The aliens allow the three to leave the ship, but they take and destroy the film-makers' camera.


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