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Appearing in "Frozen: Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Fornes
  • Chief Withers
  • Javier Fornes (Corpse)




  • Bus

Synopsis for "Frozen: Part 2"

Namor and Mr. Fantastic continue their battle with each other after Namor made an unwanted pass at Reed's wife. The two combatants land in a park where they trade blows. Namor has been caught, as always, trying to steal Invisible Woman away. The fight ends suddenly when the Human Torch suddenly appears and breaks them up.

Human Torch reveals that a child may been lost under the ice on the Hudson River. Namor and Mr. Fantastic agree to call a truce on the fight and help Human Torch find the child.

Human Torch burns a hole in the ice while Namor dives in and conducts the search. While he's below, Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch have a conversation in which Mr. Fantastic reveals how proud he is of him. Human Torch has matured a lot throughout the whole experience with the bankruptcy and eviction of the Fantastic Four, and his work as a fire man.

The book then jumps back to the firehouse where the three would-be rescuers are instead revealed holding the boy's body. They weren't able to save him. Human Torch hands the body to his mother when Namor explains that, due to the freezing water, the child felt no pain. Pretty heavy stuff.

Meanwhile at the New York Port Authority an unruly bus passenger is warned to get off the bus. However the driver is unaware that the passenger is the Microverse tyrant known as the Psycho-Man who has come to New York to get revenge against the Invisible Woman. When the bus driver orders him off the bus, the Psycho-Man unleashes his power upon him.


Continuity Notes

  • Psycho-Man is seeking revenge against the Invisible Woman after she savagely attacked him back in Fantastic Four #284.

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