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569 Leaman Place is an apartment complex located in Brooklyn Heights. It's tenants included Anna Kapplebaum, Bernie Rosenthal Josh Cooper, Mike Farrell and for a brief period of time, Steve Rogers.

Shortly after he learned of his long time partner Sharon Carter’s “death”, Steve became frustrated with his duties as Captain America. Rogers decided to devote more time towards his personal life and rented a studio apartment on the 4th floor of 569 Leaman Place. He began a private career as a commercial artist. [1] Here his relationship with Bernie Rosenthal became a very close one. At one point, the two were engaged to be married.


Formerly Captain America (Steve Rogers), Jack Monroe (Nomad), Mike Farrell (Super Patriot), Bernie Rosenthal, Josh Cooper, Anna Kapplebaum.


  • James Hudson once viewed an apartment in this building when considering moving to New York City. [2]

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