Returning from a TV interview, Professor Xavier, Storm, and Cyclops had just turned off of 72nd Street onto Central Park Drive when their car was ambushed by members of the Purifiers.[1]

When she believed she was going to have to marry the Morlock Caliban, Kitty Pryde used a subway entrance along 72nd Street to go down into the Alley after leaving goodbye letters with her friend, Illayana Rasputina.[2]

During a time when Peter Parker and his Aunt May's relationship was strained, Nathan Lubensky attempted to set things right by secretly inviting Peter to a lunch they were having at a restaurant on 72nd Street.[3]

Matt Murdock followed Glenn Morom when he was running to answer a public phone at West 72nd Street.[4]

Spider-Man was summoned to 72nd Street by Iron Man to help him with an armored car being chased by a monstrous look-alike of the web-slinger.[5]

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