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Becoming 8-Ball

After Jeff Hagees was killed by the Wrecker, his gear he used as 8-Ball was sold by the Hobgoblin to an unnamed criminal, who later came to serve under him.

Goblin War

8-Ball was present during a battle between Hobgoblin's forces and the Goblin Underground. He, along with every other Hobgoblin franchise, joined Team Goblin when Green Goblin apparently killed Hobgoblin, really Kingsley's butler Claude.[2]

Sinister Six

8-Ball later appeared as a member of Swarm's incarnation of the Sinister Six.[3]

Returning to Hobgoblin

After dealing with Porcupine, Hobgoblin regained 8-Ball's allegiance to him.[4]



Seemingly those of Jeff Hagees.

He somehow attempted to imbue his helmet with precognitive powers, in reference to magic 8-balls, but only succeeded in giving visions of the future to Shocker and Star-Lord.[5]


Seemingly those of Jeff Hagees.

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