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803 was a robot in the service of a pirate named Kio for centuries. He hated his predicament, but his programming didn't allow him to self-destruct.

When Venom infiltrated Kio's ship to recover a shipment of a substance known as "YT-19", which was the name of the blood of a species from the planet Vvex, he engaged 803, initially thinking of him as an enemy. The robot agreed to help Venom in his mission as long as he promised to kill him afterwards. Once Kio was dealt with, Venom welcomed 803 to stay with him.[1]

Following many adventures, 803 and Venom parted ways when the latter decided to return to his home planet, Earth. 803 and other allies of Venom joined the ranks of the Space Knights.[2]



Computer Brain: Due to his robotic mind, 803 carries a vast amount of knowledge. It can speak three million languages, and it's fluent in two hundred seventeen forms of torture.[1]

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