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Visiting New York

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Whilst visiting earth, Rocket accidentally left his energy knife in one of earth's dumpsters. However, a passerby was able to retrieve it for Rocket, allowing him to avoid a scolding from Wal Rus.

Getting into an argument with Squirrel Girl about whether Squirrels or Raccoons were tougher, Rocket and nearby allies fought several Frost Giants to prove her wrong.

Getting into an argument with Wal Rus about whether or not Giraffe's could climb tall buildings, Rocket was provided photographic evidence they could, courtesy of Peter Parker, and conceded. [2]

Kang's Invasion

Rocket, along with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy, arrived on Earth shortly after the threat of Galactus. Thinking they had responded to a distress call, Nick Fury told them they were late. However, the Guardians informed him that they had come because of Kang's Invasion. [2] [1]



Seemingly those of the Rocket Raccoon of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Rocket Raccoon of Earth-616.

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