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Lylla was a fellow experiment of Rocket Raccoon created on Halfworld. The pair had feelings for each other and planned to escape together by building a computer and using it hack the control panels. However, before they could enact their plan, the scientist who created them deemed Lylla a failure and had her taken away to die by lethal injection. Rocket saved her, but not before she was injected and Rocket carried her outside of the facility where she died in Rocket's arms. Many years later, Rocket brought Star-Lord to Halfworld to attempt to use the Eternity Forge to resurrect Lylla, however they were unaware of how it operated and were unsuccessful. Later Star-Lord could use the Forge to successfully resurrect Lylla and she was reunited with Rocket.[1]


  • In video game, Lylla's appearance most closely resembles the Congo Clawless Otter species (Aonyx cinereus), most noticeable by her dark paws, light coat, lighter underbelly, and disconnected toes.

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