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A'Lars (Earth-9997) from Universe X Vol 1 0 0001

A'Lars as a young man

The early life and history of A'Lars mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart with some minor differences.

For example, it has been suggested by the visions of Kyle Richmond that when A'Lars first came to Titan, it was abandoned as opposed to being ravaged by civil war.[1] Further, his soon-to-be bride Sui-San was revealed by Mar-Vell to be a Skrull. It is unknown if Mentor was aware of this.[2]

A'Lars and his wife would go on to have two children; Thanos and Eros. Thanos bore traces of his Skrull heritage, as his mother had not yet refined her shapeshifting to alter her internal as well as external organs. Thanos grew to resent the rest of his family. Upon growing up, he was manipulated by Death, who posed as his mother, into attacking his homeworld of Titan, ravaging it and killing his true mother in the process.[2]

Upon discovering his wife's body, A'Lars had her true identity covered up.[2]

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