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A'Sai was an alien who discovered a 10 cubic pertec chunk of Galactus' Worldship which had just been destroyed. Salvaging the ship, he discovered an alien weapon that granted the wielder multiple abilities. A'Sai then bet Grunz he could capture the Watcher. Using the device he snuck into the Blue Area of the Moon and broke into the Watcher's Citadel with the Watcher only realizing what was occurring too late. A'Sai captured the Watcher and Grunz paid him his winnings and left, A'Sai turned to the Watcher and demanded the Watcher's technology. The Watcher warned him against trying to use his technology without knowledge on how. A wager was agreed to the technology would be handed over to whichever team won on a football game between a group of children, which also involved Spider-Man. The younger kids were loosing and assigned to the Watcher and with Spider-Man's help began to even the score. A'Sai used Galactus' device to hide from the Watcher in order to empower one of the older kids. Despite this, the younger kids were able to score enough touchdowns to win. A'Sai again tried to cheat, but the Watcher teleported Galactus's device into the heart of a star and as punishment for trying to renege on his bet, A'Sai was turned into a joker card in a gambling casino on earth.[2]


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Skilled thief, very experienced gambler



Temporary access to the virtually unlimited power of the Galactus-Weapon


Interstellar craft

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