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A green-skinned humanoid race with octopoid traits, possessing two legs (ending in three-toed taloned feet) and three tentacles sprouting from each shoulder in place of arms. They possess gills in place of a nose, and closely-spaced needle-like teeth. They possess fairly advanced technology, with rudimentary warp-drive capability. A'askvarii are native to the planet O'erlanii, the third planet orbiting the star Deneb; it is an oceanic world with oceans covering 75% of the planet's surface, and the rest being craggy mountains.[1]

They are a peace-loving people whom are content to exist in the shadow of interstellar imperial powers such as the Kree Empire. Derath'ath, the foremost scout in their fleet crashed on the alien world of Kirgar (home of a dead interstellar empire) where he encountered the Black Goliath, the flight attendant Celia Jackson and her nephew. Using the technological remnants of a dead city, he built a dimensional transporter (creates gate for interstellar travel) for the humans. Seeing a millennia old guardian about to strike Black Goliath, he interceded saving his life and sacrificing his own in the process.[2]



Mountainous, 75% covered by oceans


95% Earth standard


125% Earth density, high hydrogen content


2.5 billion


Type of Government

Benign Anarchy (Leaderless)[1]

Level of Technology

Superior to Earth; A'askvarii have built intermediate level interstellar starships with rudimentary warp drive capacity.[1] converter (laptop-sized, which can create clothing),[2] directed energy blaster,[2] interstellar dimensional transporter (creates gate),[2]

Cultural Traits

Unstructured, Pacifist, Independent[1]


Derath'ath Machlan'n


The A'askavarii are known to exist in both Earth-616 and Earth-199999.


In Guardians of the Galaxy, it is stated that Peter Quill has "lain with an A'askavarian."

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