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A'yin is the leader of the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn. The Crimson Dawn has apparently existed for ages. It is unclear when exactly the realm was formed, or if it had simply always existed.

Sometime during the last years of the Ming Dynasty (circa 1640), China was overrun by "The Roaming King", Li-Tzu Ch'eng. A group of monks, Xiandu, A'yin, Barak, and Ra'al, in vengeance for the fall of the Ming Dynasty, sought out the "Covenant of the Ebon Vein", and were inducted on the promise that China would be freed from its oppressors. The four of them tasted the Crimson Dawn and were transformed. During the night, A'yin, Barak and Ra'al were corrupted by the Crimson Dawn's powers and murdered Xiandu. They were transformed into the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn, and Xiandu would roam Earth as a spirit for centuries to come.[1]

The misplaced Dragons of the Crimson Dawn found themselves in the Wildways, the home of Spiral, and forced her to join them and taste the elixir herself. She fought the Dawn's influence, but was forced to teleport the Dragons to Earth. They appeared in London, attacking Captain Britain and his fiancé Meggan. The Dragons kidnapped Captain Britain and traveled to Hong Kong, where they intended to use him to breach the walls between Earth and the Crimson Dawn.[2]

Spiral was able to alert Captain Britain's teammates, the group known as Excalibur, to the Dragons' plans, and the spirit of Xiandu also aided the team, namely Meggan, by guiding her.[3]

Meggan was able to help Brian, and together the couple managed to stop the Dragons' plans, though Brian was left powerless for some time afterwards.[4]

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