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Quote1.png You asked for the source of the portal, She-Hulk. Forgive me, but do we not have the answer right in front of us? The girl is a newcomer... and she evidently causes rifts when she is distressed. The great shark, this monstrous android -- these apparitions are not forces of nature. These portals, these attacks upon Arcadia, must be stopped! Do you wish for all of us to suffer America's fate? Do your duty, Jennifer, or I will do it for you. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Sub-Mariners discover a portal underwater; however, as it collapses, they need to return to surface before having a chance ti investigate it further.

Meanwhile, Nico sneaks the girl who fell from the sky the night before into her room. She tries talking to her, but the girl has not spoken a word thus far. Loki comes into the room, wanting to comfort Nico because of what happened to America. Discovering the girl whom Nico found, she explains that she must be shown to A-Force.

As the team is presented the newcomer, Medusa touches her with her hair, scaring her. All of a sudden, a portal opens right above the women of A-Force, dropping a hostile Sentinel into their midst. As the team defeats it, the strange girl displays the power to teleport herself and others, saving Dazzler, as well as innocent bystanders. Immediately after the fight is won, Medusa accuses the girl of being responsible for the portals. She-Hulk tries to determine the true source of the portals by jumping through the one the Sentinel came through, taking her to a devastated New York.

Solicit Synopsis

• With monsters appearing on the utopian island of Arcadia and threatening its inhabitants, She-Hulk and her team of Avengers set out to discover the source.

• But when they stumble upon a conspiracy that reaches far beyond Arcadia, She-Hulk may just find herself on the wrong side of the law!


  • The portal underwater shows images from other realms of Battleworld, including Marville, King James' England, Dystopia, and others.
  • Nico is shown to have a miniture figure of Iron Man in here room.
  • She is also shown to have a cat.

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