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Quote1.png Someone tried to frame the newcomer for this. Someone let in the monster that cost us America Chavez. A-Force... there is a traitor in Arcadia. Quote2.png

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Shortly after She-Hulk arrives in the Sentinel Territories, she is encountered by three Sentinels. As she starts to fight them off, She-Hulk is attacked by a group of Thors - Gamora, Sif, and Brunnhilde - for having left her domain. She fights them off as well and jumps through the portal once more, where she concludes that the magic connected to it must come from Arcadia, so there must be a traitor among them who tried to frame the strange girl and who let through the Megalodon, which America had fought off.

Shortly after She-Hulk explains this to her teammates who have been waiting on the other side of the portal, the Thors she had previously fought against arrive and plan to exile her. Medusa gives A-Force a chance to run away, throwing the Thors back through the portal, which results in her death as she is struck by lightning summoned by Gamora.

As A-Force mourns the loss of Medusa, She-Hulk gives the order to alert the rest of Arcadia, for she knows the Thor Corps will come back for her. As she announces the plan to her team, Nico interrupts her because the strange girl has something to show them, to compensate for the kindness and trust she has been shown, the newcomer offers to conceal A-Force inside herself, as she speaks her first word: "Hide".

Solicit Synopsis

• She-Hulk has violated the most sacred rule of Battleworld…

• …and now A-Force is on the run from the planet’s protectors: The Thor Corps!

• And while trying to prove her innocence, She-Hulk discovers that one of her own may have engineered her downfall…


  • When She-Hulk fought Gamora in New York she asked her to cut the "green-on-green violence".

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