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-- Nico Minoru

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After the strange girl had enveloped Dazzler, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and Nico, she ran out of the city into the woods where she released them, hiding from the Thors. She-Hulk further explains to her team that the magic used for the portals was not only generated by Arcadian magic but must also be fueled by Asgardian magic, as she had seen a rainbow bridge when jumping through the portal.

Meanwhile, the Thors declare A-Force outlawed, and thank Loki for her loyalty to Doom, stating that she most likely will become the next baroness of her domain. As Loki talks about keeping Arcadia safe and accepting the throne, she is attacked by A-Force, who again use the strange girl as method of transportation.

Loki is defeated in battle and the Thors realize that she was the traitor all along. As Loki accepts that there is no way for her to rule over Arcadia any longer, she uses her magic to break a giant hole through The Shield that protects Arcadia from the Deadlands, and A-Force must now face an army of the undead.

Solicit Synopsis

• With the fate of Arcadia hanging in the balance, a traitor in A-FORCE’s ranks is revealed!

• But why would she sell out her teammates?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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