Quote1.png Look what is happening here. Look what is happening to you. We are a team. We are friends. We are heroes. And it is time we save the day. Or I put you all in my insides until you can get along. Quote2.png
-- Singularity

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  • Monster Bugs (Infected Coloradans)

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Solicit Synopsis


• The fates of NICO MINORU, a mysterious missing girl named Alice, and a small town in Colorado are all tied together as CIVIL WAR II heats up and threatens to tear A-FORCE apart.

• The team, with ELSA BLOODSTONE in foul-mouthed tow, splits up to hunt down the apparent source of the trouble in the hopes of saving the town.

• However, it soon becomes apparent that all is not what it seems with the team—A-Force is changing—and by morning there may not be anyone left to save the day.

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