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A.C. "Ace" O'Connor was a reporter who got involved in the mysterious robot serial killer story surrounding Rom, Spaceknight. Unknown to the world at large, Rom was actually a heroic figure eliminating evil aliens called Dire Wraiths who had infiltrated the Earth using their shape-changing powers. To human eyes, Rom was killing random people with a ray gun, reducing them to ash. In fact, Rom's Neutralizer was banishing the Dire Wraiths to Limbo. [1]

Ace was tipped off at first by the fact that all the "victims" of the robot killer in Clairton, West Virginia all shared the same birthdate. Ace's investigation brought her to the government program Project Safeguard where she managed to capture Rom's Neutralizer in action on film. Upon developing her photos, she discovered the camera was able to capture what the human eye could not, showing an alien creature disappearing into Limbo instead of the "murder" of a human being. [2]

Ace brought the photo to her editor, only to learn that the editor was also a Dire Wraith. Ace was imprisoned by the Wraiths alongside Rom's ally, Steve Jackson. She sacrificed her life to give Steve time to escape and warn Rom of the Wraiths' plots. [3]




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