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A.D. Doug was a teacher of theoretical physics and an amateur science fiction writer living on a branch of reality which in some point had diverged from the Sacred Timeline. In 1994 he was approached by time-slipping Loki whom A.D. Doug initially assumed to be one of his characters come to life. Excited at finally having someone who would listen to him Loki went with Doug to his workshop and told him about the TVA and the problems that it was facing. Doug found these fantastical ideas possible and even plausible, offering Loki a possible solution to his problem. Loki handed him the TVA Handbook with the knowledge on how to construct a working TemPad before slipping away again.

A.D. Doug spend the next 19 months building the prototype TemPad with the technology available to him, losing both his job and his wife in the process. Upon finishing, he went to see Loki and help him recruit other humans whom Loki knew from their Variants in the TVA. They gathered in Doug's workshop, where left on their own they began to argue about this situation. Failing to recruit Sylvie, Loki returned defeated and told everyone to go back to their lives. However Sylvie herself then arrived to tell everyone that reality was disintegrating. A.D. Doug and the other humans present have all watched each other disintegrate on horryfying spagetti-like manner.[1]




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