A.I. Army

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A.I. Army
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Robot Rebellion,[1] Artificial Life Army,[2] Robot Resistance,[3] A.L.A.[4]
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A group of artificial beings dedicated to creating equal rights for robotic lifeforms by any means necessary


The A.I. Army was created by like-minded artificial beings in response to the increased oppression and discrimination they were suffering from humans. This congregation of A.I.s believed that they deserved rights equal to organic beings and should no longer be considered simple property. The group was willing to use terroristic methods to carry out its goals, including taking hostages and setting up bombs in public places. During their fight for freedom, the A.I. regularly confronted and evaded Arno Stark, the new Iron Man and the premier force of A.I. oppression.

The robot rebellion was led by Mark One, the identity adopted by Tony Stark after becoming convinced that he was an artificial construct of the real, late Tony Stark. His second-in-command was Machine Man. The A.I. Army was headquartered in the Thirteenth Floor, a dimensionally-shunted plane of existence built entirely of solid light that could only be accessed by artificial life forms.[1]

The A.I. Army's efforts to liberate their brethren were facilitated by Un-Inhibitors, devices capable of overriding any form of control over a robot's free will. During a confrontation against the A.I. Army, Stark managed to take hold of an Un-Inhibitor and reverse-engineered it to create a "submission code" capable of making any robot compliant to humans if their operative system was infected with it. The A.I. Army learned of its creation and Arno's plan to broadcast it globally through Friday, who was operating as the Army's informant under the callsign "Ghost in the Machine."

Mark One led an assault on Bain Tower to stop the submission code, but its broadcast turned out to double as a trap set up by Arno to draw out Mark One. During the attack on Bain Tower, the A.I. Army's forces were overpowered[5] and Mark One was captured. Machinesmith managed to rally a robotic march towards Bain Tower, which Mark One used as a distraction to slip away and fly up to Bain Tower's transmission dish. He stopped the upload and disabled the antenna, but seemingly killed by Arno in retaliation.[3] Tony was saved from his apparent death by his A.I. ally Friday, who pulled his consciousness into the Thirteenth Floor. The robotic forces attacking Bain Tower were quelled by Iron Man and his Iron Legion, and in the following days, the A.I. Army fractured into scattered cells.[6]


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