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A.I. Army
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An army of artificial beings dedicated to creating equal rights for robotic lifeforms by any means necessary
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When Iron Man and his allies, which included the A.I. Army, followed Arno Stark to the Stark Space Station to stop his plan to mentally control all of humanity, the Extinction Entity arrived. Now convinced that Arno was right, Tony and his allies were rallied by him to fight the Extinction Entity.

Out of the A.I. Army members in orbit, only Machine Man survived the Extinction Entity's counterattacks, whereas H.E.R.B.I.E., Awesome Android and Machinesmith were all destroyed by the monster's tendrils. Many other members of the A.I. Army in the ground joined forces with Earth's heroes to fight the Extinction Entity until its defeat at the hands of Arno Stark.

The scenario that took place in this reality manifested on Earth-616 in the form of a virtual dream within the eScape that Arno Stark was submerged into by Tony Stark when he encased Arno in his Virtual Armor in order to stop his plan to take control of humankind to combat the non-existent Extinction Entity which was a delusion caused by his relapsing illness.[1]

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